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Chechen Terrorist Attacks Pending In Crimea

I received this from a reliable source in Ukraine.

Many people are in deadly danger and their life can depend on your reaction.

Adam Osmaev, one of many volunteer battalion commanders, called a press-conference and said that he received information from a highly reliable informer about planned terrorist attacks in Crimea.

He said that the Head of Chechen Republic (Russia) and one of Putin’s cronies, Ramzan Kadyrov, sent 4 special units (5 to 7 people each) to organize terrorist attacks among civilians living in Crimea which was occupied by Russia in March, 2014.

According to the source, these groups will target Central and Kuibyshev markets in Simferopol, Angar pass on Simferopol-Yalta route. Among other possible targets Adam Osmaev also named Christian Orthodox Church in Simferopol and some spots in Sevastopol, but, unfortunately, the informer could not get more information about their specific location.

Putin may plot to blame these terrorist attacks on Crimean Tatars who largely oppose Russian occupation of the peninsula.

I will add more information to the post as soon as I get it.

Please, share it with your network. The more people know about it, the more likely we will be able to prevent this tragedy.

Expose the real terrorists before they act!