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Russian Disinformation Archives

68x6-cs_400x400After only five weeks, East StratCom (EU EEAS-Ukr) has archives available.

One would think that Russia is sufficiently embarrassed at being caught in their lies, deceit, disinformation and fabrications. Russian propaganda and active measures seem to be continuing without pause.

Lying is Russian business and business is good.

EU vs Disinformation

The main aim of this product is to raise the awareness about Russian disinformation campaign. And the way to achieve this goal is by providing the experts in this field, journalists, academics, officials, politicians, and anyone interested in disinformation with some real time data about the number of disinformation attacks, the number of countries targeted, the latest disinformation trends in different countries, the daily basis of this campaign, and about the coordination of the disinformation spread among many countries.

Our global network of journalists, government officials, academics, NGOs, think tanks (and other people / initiatives dealing with this issue) provides us with the examples of current disinformation appearing in their countries. East StratCom Task Force compiles their reports and publishes a weekly review of them. The document with the data collected is public and free for further use – journalists may use it as a source for their products, decision makers and government officials may find relevant information about the latest state of events, experts may find data for their analysis, NGOs and think tanks may share the knowledge about this issue with the rest of the world.

Source: http://eeas.europa.eu/euvsdisinfo/