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IOTA Global Assists NATO COE In Training Moldova Government In Strategic Communication

Steve Tatham Ph.D.

Director of Operations IOTA-Global Ltd & UK Armed Forces Veteran

We are delighted to have been working with the NATO Centre of Excellence for Strategic Communication, Latvia, in delivering capacity building training, in Chisinau, to representatives from the Moldovan government.  Moldova is faced with a number of challenging issues – as this recent article from The Economist magazine highlights – not least corruption, a very weak economy and ongoing territorial disputes with Russia.  IOTA Global and its partner company, SCL Ltd, were contracted by the Canadian Government earlier this year to assist the NATO COE in its vital work. This included the delivery of a 9 week intensive Target Audience Analysis course, using the Behavioural Dynamics Institute (BDi) advanced TAA methodology (TAA), to train 20 students from 11 NATO nations.

The course in Moldova was a condensed version of that much longer course and provided Moldovan students with an appreciation of the science behind Target Audience Analysis as well as the fundamental principles of Strategic Communication (StratCom).  Around 25 Moldovan students attended the training from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Anti-Corruption Task Force, the Education Ministry, the Ministry of Defence and the Office of the President.  IOTA Global / SCL designed the course and co-delivered it with NATO COE Staff.

The BDi methodology uses the most advanced social science research to measure populations and determine, to a high degree of accuracy, how population groups may respond under certain conditions. The methodology  is the only one of its type and has been verified and validated by the US Defence Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), the Sandia National Laboratories (USA) and the UK’sDefence Science and Technology Laboratories (DSTL).

IOTA Global was recently recently selected by the Norwegian Government Defence Research Agency to assist it in its research into Information Operations and SCL is currently working with a major client in the Middle East on Strategic Communication issues.

More capacity building training courses are planned.


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