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The Grand Chessboard: How Russia Will Win In The Global Hybrid War

Here is a piece with a distinctly Russian perspective, this very much echoes how Russians think.

The author, however, lives in Ukraine. I read this link, however, on a Russian’s page – he works in the Russian Foreign Ministry. This article must mean something to him.

Obviously Russia is using the phrase “Hybrid War”. Now it seems they want to conduct Hybrid War on a global scale. Interesting.

Here are some typical words, phrases and thoughts that Russians use, in this article, that we seem to never hear or use in the West.

  • Hegemony. Russians believe the US is trying to take over the world because that is what their propaganda keeps saying.
  • Third World War (in past tense).  Russians believe they lost the Third World War. The problem is, nobody else thought of it as a World War.  Fourth World War, the cognitive dissonance mounts…
  • Dissidents = Fifth Column. I believe in the US we call dissidents and fifth column folks protestors or domestic terrorists. The concept of an organized group eroding us from the inside is just foreign.
  • Sanctions. The idea that the sanctions in place against Russia are illegal.
  • Plummeting Oil Prices. The idea that the West is deliberately lowering the price of oil just to hurt Russia.
  • Colored Revolutions are all US plots. Everything the US does is designed to hurt Russia.  Everything.  Anything bad for Russia has to be caused by the US and the UK.
  • The US plundered the world. The US, especially the CIA, took control of every resource in the world, stole it and brought the profits back to the US.
  • Bandera is bad. Stepan Bandera, who gave his life for an independent Ukraine from Poland, Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia and killed by the KGB, is associated by Russia with anything counter to Russia. In other words, bad.

I’m not disagreeing with what the author is saying, the perspective is just very different.  I know nobody who considers Russia an enemy, for certain we’re not in World War 4.

The first time I read this article I thought the author must be on drugs. But then I realized he is Russian.

Perhaps I repeat myself?

Let’s call a spade a spade. There is a fourth world war unleashed by the United States in a hopeless attempt to keep them from escaping world hegemony.

By its nature, this imperialist war is no different from any other World War II.All the same war for domination, for spheres of influence, for control over the distribution of resources, with the preferred model of the world economy.

Distinguished by the war only set of tactical tools. In the First and Second World preferred to direct clashes huge mass armies for hundreds of kilometers of continuous fronts.

Fighting Third World (cold) were mainly in secondary areas, in the “third world”, often using “proxy” (formally independent, but actively supported by arms, money and instructors countries and groups). Direct confrontation between the USSR and the United States was impossible because of the presence on both sides of a large number of nuclear weapons (NW), because then worked to the doctrine of the HLG – mutual assured destruction.

The main fighting was also in the information space, often with the help of an internal fifth column, the so-called “dissidents”.

Dissidents actively supported with money, whirled, providing opportunities to publish and speak on television and radio, as well as strongly advocated raising howl about “human rights” whenever they were caught on candid sabotage.

At the same time, within the US itself steadily pursued a policy of McCarthyism, when any dissenters were declared “satanic commies” actively subjected to harassment or physically destroyed.

Third World USSR lost, mainly due to the betrayal of the elites. As a result, all the countries of the former Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact for many years been under external management (some still are, like the Baltics, Ukraine and Poland) have been subjected to looting resource (sometimes natural resources, sometimes human, sometimes financial etc) and targeted deindustrialization.

Methods of the United States started the Fourth World War is also limited by the presence of a number of major players (the United States, Russia, China, etc) large stocks of nuclear weapons. So she, like the third, conducted indirectly without direct clashes of principles.

Although the US Navy has demonstrated the intention to enter into the inner sea of China, and Beijing (and the General Staff of the PLA), they find it unacceptable and can respond. But, even if this happens, in the first stage it will be of low intensity conflict.

In the meantime, US-China relations is rapidly heating up, the war is already underway in three spaces: the economic, informational, and in fact in the military.

Economic Space:

a) sanctions against Russia, violating both international law and WTO rules;
b) attempts to block deliveries of Russian gas to the EU by organizing a coup in Ukraine;
c) retraction of the EU treaty TTIP;
d) the dumping of oil prices, including and illegal shipments from the territories controlled by LIH etc.
Information Space:
a) attempts to present Russia as the aggressor in the eyes of the international community;
b) trying to destroy the consensus within Russia, cause a drop in confidence in the government and, consequently, organize in the Russian Federation “maidan”, which was followed by a change of government on loyal to the United States and / or split Russia into a number of dependent entities;
c) the “de-Sovietization” of the former USSR, the establishment Russophobian mythology about the “oppression” of these countries, as the basis of state ideology (often myth of oppression is the only basis for state number of border countries);
d) continuous injection in the media and social networks “as the Lives bad” last urchins eat up, and eggs have to eat without bread (Attempts to really compare with the facts and figures strongly rejected);
d) campaign for the formation of representations of China, as a tyranny (the unwinding of the sect “Falun Dafa”, support for Tibetan lamas separatists, stories about the “hundreds of millions of people shot by Mao Zedong» etc);
e) the image of Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Belarus and other countries as “authoritarian dictatorships”, attempts of “color revolutions” in these countries.

Military space. The number of open military conflicts in recent years is growing rapidly:

a) Donbass;
b) Ukraine as a whole;
c) Syria (IG and “moderate opposition”);
d) IG in Iraq;
d) Saud-Yemeni conflict.

Worsened as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, unrest in Afghanistan, frozen conflicts in the Central African Republic and a number of other African states.And almost everywhere visibly or invisibly present the United States closest allies or satellites.

Actually, the head of the Pentagon, without further ado, has accused Russia and China “in an attempt to change the existing world order.” But the old order, when the United States with impunity plundered these (and other) countries have also suits nobody. Therefore further confrontation is inevitable.

And only the Liberals and the guard of patriots (the latter for many suddenly) yelling “do not need to be in conflict with the US,” that is, “Katz offers to surrender.” Just think, the extinction exchanged a few more tens of millions of Russians the possibility of “kreaklam” a few years to choke moldy cheese.However, for a variety of public statements for a long time it is clear that they do not care about the tens of millions of lives.

The position of “guard-patriots” deserves special attention. They have many years shouting “Russia should get rid of the western occupation”, and when there was really such a confrontation, they abruptly shouted “vso gone.”Attention to the question: how all possible relief from Western influence without confrontation? And how consistent their position that they are ready to plunge Russia into a civil war for the sake of their idealized representations (are not important, monarchist and nationalist), but also ache because of one soldier suicides? Moreover, spread rumors about non-existent losses, becoming like Madame Vasilieva, funerals at one time even the football team.

In my opinion, the position of “guard-patriots” hypocritical and false in each of the items, and their interests are not real reforms in Russia, as well as the time in the service of Western masters. Or those who want to be the western occupation administration in Russia, even more ugly (and some of them have already served in the previous one, under Yeltsin).

As I said, there is a world war. A panic-mongers during all previous wars “were taken to the wall.” If Goebbels was the Internet, there would be thousands were “daughters of prisoners of the Gulag” and wrote, for example, in December 1941, “Stalin continuously retreats, the Germans were outside Moscow, an urgent need to change the government on the Patriots.” Fortunately, Dr. Goebbels did not have the Internet, and then our grandfathers won.

It is not necessary illusions and live by the laws and requirements of peace.There is a war and during the war, and there need to be patient, and string up.No country that Americans “democratize”, it is better to live did not – neither Iraq nor Afghanistan, nor Libya, nor Ukraine. On the contrary, they have lost the opportunity and the next few years to find a relatively peaceful life, and hope to develop in the foreseeable future.

In fact, the actions of the Russian quite simple and clear – Moscow tries:

a) move the main battlefield as far as possible from their borders;
b) to minimize the intensity of the fighting, with the participation of Russian (Slavic) to minimize their losses;
b) trying to stall for time, delaying a confrontation with the United States while waiting for Washington will not stand, and will start its aggression against the main rival – China.

To date, the balance about is that the major conflict zones two (Ukraine and the Middle East), with the potential of another conflict, but for strategic control over the South China Sea.

The conflict in the Ukraine on the lower level looks like a civil war “between the Russophile and russophobes”, “Bandera-Vlasovites against Soviet”, and at a higher – as a clash of American proxy, had organized a coup and seized Kiev, with pro-Russian proxies, holding Donbass.

Today, it is actually frozen, and any attempt to unfreeze the American puppets meet its negative perception on the part of Europe, which already has enough problems.

Muffled low-intensity conflict, during which dissatisfied with hotheads, much better in terms of saving lives than Total War, the dream of the survivors are still Ukrainian nationalists. The longer the conflict is frozen, the more obvious collapse evroillyuzy Kiev and the weaker power impotent junta.

It is only in Kiev build some ukrainotsentrichnye illusions, thinking that the whole world revolves around the ruins, and for Americans they are just a bargaining chip. Like Pinochet, Hussein, Mubarak or any other pocket dictator to them. At a time when the costs of maintaining the regime Poroshenko, Yatseniuk exceed their usefulness, they will be instantly “merged.” In strict accordance with prinpipami mercantilism, formulated by Sir Francis Bacon.

The conflict in the Middle East is much more difficult, including because of a few pockets of opposition and a large number of parties.

The first point – Syria, where Russian aviation helps the government troops to confront the US proxy (someone else doubts that the IG and the “moderate opposition” – a US proxy, when all the help they gave and Washington continues to have?). There are also present Iranian proxy to help Assad. Now the situation is slowly but surely break in two at the side of the legitimate government.

The second point – Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Hired army Saudis invaded Yemen, fighting is very bad and is more or less intense battles rushes to flee. As a result, the Yemeni Huthis not only successfully defend themselves, but already captured one of the most cities in Saudi Arabia and practically control one of the provinces of SA. In addition, the Saudis suddenly started having problems with finances, and they are now actively recruiting debts.

The third point of potential conflict – it is the Kurds against Turkey. Islamist and nationalist policies of Erdogan has already led to the rupture of the truce between the Kurdish militant groups (the Peshmerga and others) and the Government of Turkey. And if the Kurds will be able to repel the IG (and everything goes to that), then in the future they may turn their weapons against of Istanbul, with the result that Turkey will receive a civil war.

The fourth point of the conflict – is Israel against Iran. Iran is not at war with Israel directly, but uses its proxies (Hezbollah and Hamas) to constantly “disturbing” the Israeli army and other security agencies.

In fact, the US is losing significantly weaken or antagonize the majority of their “allies” in the region – Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel.

However, this tangle of warlike conflicts in the Middle East can become secondary, if the US and China will come into direct armed confrontation for control of the South China Sea. So now we need to watch closely as possible precisely because of this trend, which can be fired at any time.

China waits shlestnutsya first whether the US and Russia. Russia waits shlestnutsya first whether the US and China. Those who come into conflict last, has the best chance to become the new global hegemon – is (not drawn swords) the nature of the race for world hegemony. This is not a giveaway, children, and geopolitics.

Alexander Rogers

Source: http://cont.ws/post/145052