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Why Are Russian Trolls Spreading Online Hoaxes In The U.S.?

There are so many coordinated Russian propaganda offensives to coincide with Ukrainian and Syrian activities that it makes getting at the truth near impossible. And this is the intent…

Russian ‘White Active Measures” are now designed to create havoc in the information space by spewing a torrent of wild accusations and allegations without any regard to the truth. This method is a departure from Soviet era Dezinformatsia techniques which always centered around a small kernel of truth, i.e., Eisenhower’s MIC speech, etc. Now the truth has been blown up.

“The main difference between propaganda in the USSR and the new Russia,” says Gleb Pavlovsky, a political consultant who worked on Putin’s election campaign and was a long-time Kremlin insider, “ is that in Soviet times the concept of truth was important. Even if they were lying they took care to prove what they were doing was ‘the truth.’ Now no one even tries proving the ‘truth.’ You can just say anything. Create realities.”

From the US State Dept: U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy Minutes and Transcript for February 26, 2015 Meeting

“…Because one of the takeaways was that the Kremlin’s goal with their disinformation is just to make us all think it’s all PR, and that could be anything. And so we replied to disinformation in kind. We tried to swat down every lie that’s out there and that’s simply our strategy. We fall into their trap. Countermessaging can be at times implementing the other person’s strategy. So we’re going to keep doing that. We’re not going to give up on that fight. But we have to do a lot more. We have to document the systems of disinformation. We have to be smart about that.”