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Russia Kills 2,488 People In One day In Syria

Dr. Igor Panarin’s report for today, 4 October, from the Russian Foreign Ministry:

Syria: Lost LIH terrorist attacks on Russian aircraft from September 30 to October 4, 2015

– 5613 people (killed, wounded, missing and deserters).
– 11 command control centers.
– 7 magazine.
– 5 field of terrorist training camps.
– 4 fuel storage.
– 4 communications center.
– Center for special training militants
– 4 hopper.
– 19 BMP.
– 13 armored personnel carriers.
– 4 mini-factory for the production of weapons for terrorists
– 3avod for the production of bombs and explosives
– Workshop for the production of explosive devices for terrorists

Yesterday’s report, 3 October.

Syria: loss of terrorists ISIS from the attacks of the Russian aviation from 30 September to 3 October 2015
– 3,125 people killed, wounded, missing and deserters).
– 7 command line item of the office.
– 3 Ammunition Depot . – 4 hub of communication. – 3 field terrorist training camps. – 4 the bunker. – 19 INFANTRY FIGHTING VEHICLE BMP. – 13 armoured personnel carriers. – 3 Labor for the production of roadside bombs and explosive devices – 4 mini-factory for the production of weapons to terrorists

Subtracting 3,125 from 5,613, the remainder is 2,488 – the number of people killed in one day of Russian airstrikes.  Again, like the Russian forces bombing Syria, there is no differentiation between civilians, ISIS, FSA, military and any other collateral damage.

This may be viewed as indiscriminate killing, haphazard targeting and careless accounting.

The death rate is increasing.  Yesterday Russian airstrikes killed 1,477 people, today it increased to 2,488.

There is no source, no citation and no verification.  Dr. Panarin’s reporting has notoriously been high by a factor of ten.

Dr. Panarin is a high-ranking member of the Russian government and his numbers are the only released casualty count figure for the Russian government.

His report directly contradicts CNN reporting: Russia bombs Syrian targets for 4th day as international concerns grow

It is unclear why Dr. Panarin releases such highly inflated numbers. Russia clearly desires to be perceived as a powerful military force, but they are succeeding to be seen as out of control and ruthlessly murdering innocent civilians.

Compare this with US rates in operations one year ago over a one month period: Syria Airstrikes Kill 553, Including 32 Civilians, During Monthlong Offensive Against ISIS: Monitor.  One month versus one day, verified by independent monitors.

Russia continues to feed the perception that they are out of control, murderous.


3 thoughts on “Russia Kills 2,488 People In One day In Syria

  1. Well this was bound to happen when civilians try to help ISIS for hideout, there is no distinction then between civilian & ISIS. they are forced to take this step & it is a good step to create fear in both the civilains for helping ISIS & for ISIS for taking cover under civilain umbrella. You have to be ruthless to these Muslims.
    Russia cannot be compared to US in any way since ISIS was a brain child of US so it will obviously try to defend it & allow it to do whatever they fell like doing. May God help Russia to kill more & wipe off these Muslim demons & bring peace to the region.

  2. The numbers may (probably are) inflated. What is clear, however, is that the Russians, and now the Chinese are determined to get the job done. The job that the US and its lily livered allies refused to do. And Europe has now allowed hundreds of thousands of able-bodied men of fighting age into each and every country, sealing their doom. The Russians will save them. Europe and the US will then have a new reality to deal with: an ascendant Russia, with the moral authority to dictate terms. If you don’t like this new reality, blame Obama. Blame Merkel. Blame all of the leaders of Western Europe for following their lead. Bravo to Poland, and Slovakia and the other Eastern European countries (including large parts of what was formerly East Germany) for resisting the suicidal insanity.

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