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Ukraine: The Unseen Attacks – Full Documentary

A well done YouTube video, showing the full depth and breadth of Russian operations inside and against Ukraine.

As opposed to Russian news stories, this shows Western and Ukrainian weaknesses.  This is truthful compared with pro-Russian and Russian propaganda.

Well worth watching the whole thing. For those of you interested in only the Information Warfare aspects, skip to 13:29.

The only shortcoming in the video is in portraying the depth and breadth of Russian Information Warfare resources arrayed against Ukraine. This video only hints at the power of the Russian IW machine, simply the most powerful in the world.

Published on Jul 17, 2015

Fighting in the east has come to characterize Ukraine. But Ukraine’s struggle for survival and self-determination, free of corrupt governments and Russian influence is fought on many other fronts. From cyber defence to internal defence, fixing its forces to telling the truth – Ukraine faces challenges that may determine its very survival.