inform and influence activities

Planners, Operators, And Logisticians For Special Activities Sought

Ladies, Gentlemen, and everyone in between.

I am building a database of planners, operators, logisticians, hackers, and anyone wanting to be involved with special activities I will call ‘inform and influence activities’.

I have received a few different suggestions to help organize operations – of all sorts – against anti-Western elements.  No government approval, assistance or funding.  This skirts legalities.  This is not explicitly illegal and it may not even be legal, at this point. That grey area extends a long way.

I am only trying to assess the availability of people willing to participate in such efforts. Technology, equipment and facility offers are also appreciated.

If you would like to be included in my database, please send a tailored resume to joel_harding at  In your resume, I am more interested in actual skills and experience.  If you have hands on experience of a less than legal nature, you might not want to admit illegal work.  If need be, I will contact you for clarification of your skills.

Please create a Wickr account for more secure communications, include your account information. Please create a Skype account if you do not have one already, and include your account information.

Become familiar with VPNs here.  Establish a DropBox account. Suggestions for further secure communications are appreciated.  Circumvention technology is always appreciated.

Expect to be vetted.