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Bad Anti-Propaganda Search Engine – An Evaluation

Pure Russian propaganda proxy websites are offered up here instead of mainstream news sites. NOT recommended if you want to read the truth! Read a wide variety of sources, then make your own mind!

Yesterday, a trusted friend asked me if I had seen Good Gopher, an anti-propaganda search engine, yet.  ht to kh

I had not…  so I looked. The results chilled me to the bone. This is a first.  Great Russian initiative, probably, I’m glad I can expose you early.

Good Gopher is marketed as:

The world’s first anti-propaganda search engine is now open for a 24-hour public test drive., dubbed “the search engine for truth seekers,” filters out mainstream media propaganda and government disinformation, favoring independent media websites, blogs and reference sites.

Good Gopher is the only search engine that completely bypasses the systematic censorship of the truth that’s currently undertaken by Google, FB, Wikipedia and other sources of corporate-controlled disinformation. Good Gopher supports the universal idea that we should all be free to learn, free to read and free to explore a diversity of thoughts and ideas — especially those ideas which the establishment does not want you to ever encounter. (Remember how everybody tried to censor any talk of colloidal silver during the Ebola outbreak? No clinical trials allowed!)

I went to and popped in a topic I know is very hot in the propaganda circles as well as counter-propaganda.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 2.56.45 PM

Analysis: Okay, it sells ads, that’s a great way to pay employees!  Now let’s look at the results.

Result #1.  mh17‘s cargo of infected corpses was targeted at tehran.  Whack job.  Unfortunately I can’t categorize a web site as mentally challenged, so I’ll settle for categorizing it as a Conspiracy Theory site.

Result #2.  mh17 – another fabricated diversion of the worst sort – zen gardner Conspiracy theory site, also mentally challenged.  After reading through this site, when they got into  “Zionist Influence”, I had to eat a whole garlic clove to keep away the monsters…

Result #3. asymmetric warfare: mh17 false-flag terror and the ‘war’ on gaza…  Conspiracy theory/Russian apologist. If it weren’t for the obsession with winding Israel into the discussion, I might just call this site a conspiracy theory site.  Much of the evidence, however, is taken directly out of Russian propaganda.

Result #4. mh17: putin’s missile? nope — puppet masters —  If the CIA hadn’t been blamed right from the start, this might have been…  aw, screw it.  The last sentence in the article is a “Whataboutism”, which seals the deal, it’s a Russian apologist/proxy site.

Result #5. aangirfan: mh17, ukraine and gaza  This is easy to categorize, “False-Flag” operation, it’s a Russian proxy site.  This one actually brought in pictures of Vietnam and British operations in Malaya. Certified Russian whack job.

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 3.14.54 PM

Result #6. flight mh17 conjures mh370, exposing western deception, was it…  No question about it. is a previously certified Russian proxy site and this article is no different. “Western deception”?

Result #7. MH17 likely downed by air-to-air missile, not Russian made – Investigative Committee. Seeing the source is the Russian Intelligence Community Investigative Committee – Russian proxy.

Result #8. malaysian airlines mh17 downed by ukrainian military aircraft…  Global  Already certified Russian propaganda proxy site.

Result #9. dutch mh17 investigation omits us “intel”. fabrications and omissions… Global, already certified Russian propaganda proxy site.

Result #10. malaysian airlines mh17 downed by ukrainian military aircraft…  Again, Global, already certified Russian propaganda proxy site.

Final Analysis of Good Gopher search engine, the “the world’s first anti-propaganda search engine”?  Good Gopher is anything but anti-propaganda.  When 8 out of 10 search results on an active term result in blatant Russian propaganda or Russian apologists, in my book this is a Russian propaganda proxy site.  There is no RT, no Sputnik, no TASS or Pravda, but all the Russian proxy sites are offered, instead.  When the other two search results are conspiracy theory sites, which Russians are so fond of, it seems Good Gopher is really trying to make a case for Russia.

If I had to venture a guess, Russia had a hand in sponsoring the stand-up of this website.

Good Gopher Search Engine is anything BUT the world’s first anti-propaganda search engine.