Looking for List of Dismissed Russian Generals

I’m looking for the list of Generals just dismissed by Putin.

Remember this blog I just published? Putin just dismissed nearly 20 generals

Update: there are 18 generals, all in Law Enforcement positions.

We’re also trying to find out what job(s) they may have had in the past year. Then we’re trying to figure out why they were fired.

Can anybody help us?

Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Thank you to my friend, Dmitry, for this link.

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So far we have:

  • The first deputy commander of the central regional military command, Vladimir Padalko
  • Lieutenant General of Police Sergey Lavrov and head of the Federal Drug Control Service post of the Krasnodar Territory
  • Major-General Internal Service Andrei Pilipchuk from office Head of Media Relations of the Ministry of Interior
  • Deputy chief of the emergency department for the Krasnodar Territory Police Major General Anatoly Zhukovsky
  • Chief of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the capital, Alexander Eliseev
  • Eliseev’s deputy Alexander Gavrilov.

These positions, with no names, were also affected:

  • Head of the Interior Ministry in Komi and other military personnel.
  • Deputy Emergency Situations Ministry in the Far East, North Caucasus, Siberia, North-Western, Volga, Urals and Southern regional centers.
    Leadership of the Interior Ministry and the Investigative Committee in several regions of Russia.

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