In St. Petersburg, the activists handed out badges with a new symbol of the Victory Day

In St. Petersburg, more than 30 activists of the coalition “Democratic Petersburg” near the metro station “Victory Park” on Friday, handing out badges with the image of red poppies and leaflets explaining the meaning of the new symbolism of Victory Day, adopted a year ago in Ukraine as an alternative to St. George Ribbon.

As the correspondent of Radio Liberty Victor Rezunkov, leaflets said: “The symbol of red poppies as a sign of memory for those who died in the war originates in the poem of the Canadian military physician John McCrea.Those who are close to our understanding of the memory of the war, above all, as a tragedy that claimed millions of lives, we will give the icons with the image of a red poppy. In addition to the red poppy on the icons will read in Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​”Never again” or “Nikoli znovu” and the date 1939-1945. St. George ribbon having a pronounced militaristic message, in our opinion, should give way to character memory of the millions who died in the war … ”

From the very beginning of the action there was an organized group of young people with St. George ribbons on his chest. As a result, disputes have led to conflict. From the activists of the coalition were arrested two activists – 62-year-old Igor Stepanov Anton Kalinyak. On the opposite side was also detained another party to the conflict.

According to a member of the political council of the St. Petersburg organization of the movement “Solidarity” Vsevolod Nelaeva attackers acted in concert, their action was planned.

“Orthodox for Peace in Ukraine” In S.Petersburg

The action was also attended by members of a social group “for the Orthodox world with Ukraine”, who the day before, on May 7 held their action “Teach everyone to manufacture an international mark of mourning and remembrance: scarlet poppy flower.”

After the distribution of icons military participants of the event read poems of Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Alexander Mezhirova, Bulat Okudzhava, David Samoilov, Boris Slutsky and others.



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