Russian Trolling Increases

It seems the amount of pro-Russian trolling has quadrupled in the past week or so. Has anyone else noticed?  This seems to correspond with the 400% increase in funding for RT/Sputnik and the 80% increase for TASS.  Darn, that was fast!

Sputnik News and Sputnik US, on Facebook, have at least tripled the amount of anti-US and anti-West articles and moreso on the anti-Ukraine articles.

The subject of their trolling ranges from Ukrainian law to German tanks, nothing is off limits and the amount of BS is off the charts.  The lies are overwhelming. Fascist seems to be the #1 phrase.  Accusations of US invading everywhere is making my cup overflow. US weapons sales seem to promote armed conflict around the world. US military presence in almost every country in the world makes the US appear ‘hyper imperialistic’.

The comment sections are filled, and I mean overflowing, with Russian troll comments.

I know the intent is to project Russian ‘strength’ in numbers, but I don’t understand the purpose. To make me stop reading their crap?  Are the Russian trying to intimidate us into not commenting?   Their comments are not as aggressive, just more in number.

I don’t want to “unlike” Sputnik, Russia Insider and all their proxies, but it’s getting bothersome. Anybody else seeing the same?