Russia demands that Belarus become part of Russian Federation – otherwise it will be liquidated

It’s interesting Russia floats this idea through such a low-level newspaper like Vzgliad.

It’s almost a non-entity.

Consider the source.

April 09, 2015 7:56 pm

The Russian business newspaper Vzgliad has published quite interesting material. The article entitled “Minsk should make its mind” calls on President Alexander Lukashenko to hold a referendum on accession of Belarus to Russia in autumn 2015. If this does not happen – “Belarus will be liquidated in its current form.”

The journalist Eduard Birov insists that Lukashenko must decide with whom he is – with Russia or the West, reports.

According to him, otherwise, Belarus can face the fate of Ukraine “The same thing, and even with the same blood can happen to Belarus, if the leadership and the people do not make a choice in favor of one party – in favor of their home in the Russian peace. Moreover, the choice must be imperial and principled – not just to sit in the apartment and be afraid to quarrel with each of the parties, even making money out of sanctions against Russia, but to join Russia with territory and soul, to fall into the same line with it, to share its grief”.

The Vzgliad newspaper insists that “collection of the Russian lands” is “not Putin’s whim, but an objective necessity.”

“In this regard, the only correct way out is that Lukashenko, if he is a real patriot of Belarus and the Russian peace, should hold a referendum on accession to Russia along with the elections in the autumn of 2015 and then, depending on the will of the people, make a historic decision. Russia needs the Russian Belarusians to make their clear and direct choice, without this Ukrainian wagging between the two poles. If Lukashenko shows such an initiative, in the winter of 2015 Belarus will become a part of the Russian Federation as a special autonomy. But for this, Alexander Grigoryevich have to give up his ambitions as a leader of a “sovereign state,” which, of course, is a very painful moment for any politician, and all the more, for such an experienced one,” writes the Russian propagandist.

Otherwise, he says, “Belarus will be liquidated in its current form.”