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Television & Neuromarketing, Manipulating Your Brain

Your Brain is being manipulated when you watch TV with the latest in Scientific Technology and its also getting into the Brains of your Children, Grandchildren & anyone else you care about. Think its just in the Commercials, think again! Politicians & Websites will use this also. Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, Coke, Hyundai & a lot of other companies use EEGs & MRIs to create commercials, packaging & product design to get inside your Brain. Product placement is everywhere, even in your favorite TV show. They’re not just selling you a product but also Ideas & Lifestyles.

In this video we will introduce you to the world of neuromarketing and explain how SME’s can use it to make their advertising more effective. Neuromarketing is a relatively new scientific research domain and marketing practice that has caught much attention the last few years as it aims to find our brains’ “buy button”. Triggering this button with precisely the right sensory inputs can subconsciously force our brain to prefer a specific brand over another. With the use of fMRI scans, eye tracking and other techniques researchers are looking deeper and deeper in our brain than ever before. This allows them to discover which stimuli trigger which emotions, enabling them to tweak advertisements for maximum effectively. Already put to use by all the major companies neuromarketing has already influenced the choices of millions of consumers. We will show that, despite its high costs, neuromarketing is not only for the big and powerful and that SME’s can learn quite a lot from existing research without the need to perform their own.


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