Russian EW: Start of electronic warfare. How to deploy enemy missiles in the air?

 A fairly typical Russian propaganda piece about Electronic Warfare, but surprisingly open.

Don’t believe all you read.  Some of the capabilities printed are almost laughable.  ”

“…will be destroyed in the first minute of the fight”  Ca ca, poo poo.

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Start of electronic warfare. How to deploy enemy missiles in the air?

March 3, 2015, 9:05

Is it possible to “dazzle” enemy missiles? Make her explode even approaching the target, or even “lose” to make fly to the other side? The answer to this question today give troops Radio Technical struggle – EW.Their role in modern military conflicts is growing like an avalanche. After all, no one missile, aircraft or ship without their “approval” is not something that will not start, find the target, but also fly to it, and only it is necessary to “click” toggle switch.

 “Force EW – a crucial factor in modern war, – said the expert in the field of anti-missile systems, the editor of the journal” Military-Industrial Courier “Michael Khodarenok. – Combat electronics capable of winning the war before its “official” beginning. Enough to include a system of electronic suppression systems, guidance, control, radar and communications of the enemy, and no combat unit would not touch with a place not be able to respond to the fire, and then will be destroyed in the first minute of the fight. “

Electronic War

Electronic warfare began to be used since the invention of radio Alexander Popov. There is evidence that the Russian sailors “knocked” Japanese artillery telemeter noise even in the Battle of Tsushima. Then there was the Vietnam War, the Arab-Israeli conflict in the Middle East, and finally, the bombing of the US Air Force and NATO Yugoslavia where EW equipment, for the first time, showed their strength and power.

“In the course of the Arab-Egyptian conflict we by and large very lucky – says Khodarenok, in our anti-aircraft missile battalions were instructed on the use of C-125 which noted that its high efficiency during the conflict was caused only by the fact that our missile guidance radar worked in a range of 3 cm wave. Similarly, at the same, by chance, worked and guidance system of the Israeli missile destroyers. Israelis, just afraid of us “turn off”, as they could interfere with their aircraft. “

On the effectiveness of our actions is the fact that during the conflict, the title Hero of the Soviet Union got two officers. But all this was an accident, but in war, this just does not happen – says Hodorenok. Proof of this was the operation of Washington and Brussels against Yugoslavia in 1999. That she formed shape the future of warfare – an experiment carried out to suppress the information potential of Yugoslavia: electronic suppression of air defense, command and control. Together with a massive blow for high-precision radio-emitting objects. Ships and submarines of the US Navy only used a few days a few hundred cruise missiles, sea-based AGM-109.Suggests they are on target with the use of satellite navigation system GPS, as the flight was carried out in full radio silence without emission of electromagnetic energy to measure the height of your flight. Only in the final phase, directly into the target area was activated DSMAS optical system for precise targeting to a particular critical point of the object.

 The main objectives of the defeat were the key military and economic facilities, infrastructure and communication Serbia and Kosovo. In most cases, they have been successfully struck. According to official figures the Pentagon to strike 900 economic entities were used 1.2-1.5 thousands of high-precision cruise missiles, most of which are experimental. This led to the fact that during the first two or three days of the war were put out 70% of mobile antiaircraft battalions – missile systems S-125 and S-75.The principal means of electronic warfare aircraft were EU-1 zones and EA-6B, which operated outside the zone defense of Yugoslavia, as well as tactical fighter aircraft for delivery to the borders of the start of precision missiles, homing on the radiation source.

Cap of darkness

The existence of EW troops in the Russian army until recently was virtually unknown. All of them were in the category of units – communication. After all, to distinguish normal troop station or control station, located on the wheel, crawler or plane from just hung with delicate array of antennas cars, armored vehicles and aircraft electronic warfare specialist is not impossible. EW structural forces are included in the special forces of the Armed Forces. Their mission – to fight in the ethereal space, defense systems, command and control arms, disruption of enemy systems (primarily, GPS) by electronic jamming productions.

Veil of secrecy over standing on arms raised technicians industry. At the end of last year Concern electronics (KRET) reported that passed by the army 18 of the latest models of equipment for special purposes: complexes “Borisoglebsk-2”, “Alurgit”, “infauna”, “Krasuha-2O”, “Krasuha-C4” “Moscow-1”, “Parodist”, “Lorand-M”, “Leer-2”, “Leer-3”, “little forest”, “Loess”, “Magnesium-EW”, “Field-21”, etc. . They are not only able to protect equipment and personnel from the high-precision missiles and bombs, but also to make our troops “invisible” on the battlefield.

According to the head of electronic warfare troops of Colonel Yuri Swallow: “The newly developed tools for the first time would provide an opportunity to signals intelligence and jamming of integrated systems and data communications communities, the opportunity to carry concealed, by location and sampling system at blocking subscriber terminals cellular enemy.” New EW equipment will also help to increase the size of the zone of effective influence through the use of non-energy intelligent ways of blocking cellular subscriber terminals to four times – said the commander.According to him, EW equipment must meet the basic requirements: a comprehensive and effective impact on a wide range of electronic and computer systems and tools to protect information leakage through technical channels, have high performance characteristics, such as reliability, maintainability, usability, etc. .

Due to the increase in the number of times the supply of arms and military equipment more than ten units EW fully rearmed to current and future funds. He also noted that in 2020 the troops of electronic warfare will be up to 70% of a promising new technology.

“Krasuha”, “Mercury” and other

As noted in the KRET, new products are many and various. For example, a set of individual protection “Vitebsk”, for the Ka-52 and Su-25. They are necessary to protect the aircraft from the aircraft and anti-aircraft missiles with different guidance systems. Such systems plane automatically “see” in a radius of several hundred kilometers from where and who is going to shoot him. Assesses the degree of threat, and after a shot “removes” the rocket from the goal. You can shoot missiles with radar, infrared and combined guidance systems – everything is off target. As it happens in life is very well shown in the television special project STAR “Military Acceptance” – “electronic warfare” . During the tests the system by Mi-8 helicopters fired anti-aircraft missiles complex “Igla”. This air defense system is considered the best in the world. However, shoot down a helicopter equipped with modern electronic warfare system, and they failed. As experts say, this makes it possible to increase the vitality of 25-30 aircraft.

In addition, in 2014 the armed forces were mobile systems EW family “Krasuha.” The troops are already 4th its modification, which the creators jokingly referred to as “cap of invisibility.” After all, the complex is able to completely deprive the enemy aircraft radar reconnaissance ability to conduct and use of precision weapons. “Krasuha” provides electronic countermeasures aircraft, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles – “covers” all of the enemy’s location and stop seeing those goals already for 250 km.

In addition, in the near future on arms flows complex passive radar. He generally does not radiate, and will only work on reception – so it is impossible to detect. But the complex itself is easy to “see” the enemy and gives the team jamming devices and fire damage, which destroy it.

No less interesting and complex EW “Mercury”. His equipment placement based Army MTLB. Objective: To detect enemy missiles in flight, determine the type of radio controlled fuses and stand strong interference at the desired frequency, not giving him work. All these steps are carried out automatically and takes a fraction of a second. The complex is able to protect troops in the area up to 50 hectares, and not only from individual weapons, but in the case of a massive fire. Serves “miracle technique” crew of only two people – the driver and operator systems, and complex deployment time of just 10 minutes.

 Another example of new technologies multifunctional complex “Khibiny-M.”It is placed on the multifunctional fighter Su-30cm. Even more perfect system of EW “Himalaya” stands on the Sukhoi PAK FA (PAK FA) T-50. This unique radar with an active phased array that can operate in passive and active radar and radio production. According to the developers “Himalaya”, realizing functions of intelligent aircraft skin and essentially increases its military activity.

Nizhny Novgorod Frunze NPO, which is part of KRET, put small-sized mobile radar “Harmony”, which have already been successfully tested during the Olympic Games in Sochi. Small-sized mobile station provides detection and tracking of various aerial objects, determination of their nationality, the automatic issuance of en-route information to the system of automated control systems.

The new complex EW “Porubschik” placed on the upgraded IL-22-PP (created on the basis of IL-18) is able to influence only the signals of a certain frequency without affecting others. Earlier complexes EW previous models often suppressed signals not only the enemy electronic systems, but also their own. Before turning on the system jamming complex scans all available signals, is the frequency at which the work of the enemy transmitters. At this time, the plane itself emits nothing – the equipment works only in receive mode. Following the discovery of the main channel of communication opponent or enemy radar signal equipment operators include “jamming” and put the noise in the right frequency range. Also, the new complex “Porubschik” can radiate interference only in the right direction. That is not to interfere with their own troops, to seek and destroy enemy targets.

Weapons asymmetric response

“To say that Russia is fully prepared to repel a possible radio-electronic aggression prematurely, – says Mikhail Khodarenok. – EW too complex and multifaceted area of ​​modern warfare. ” Whereas before, the enemy tried to “overload” radars, missile guidance redundant channels decoys, the expert says, now operates more subtly – by clicking on the weakest points of defense. This fact explains the diversity of items purchased by the Ministry of Defense EW equipment.

How many systems need the army to adequately keep the strike – a military secret. In KRET say that only one complex “Mercury” army needs more than 100 units. The need for other systems, electronic warfare as well is estimated to be hundreds of pieces. “EW has already proved itself as an integral part of military operations of any scale, has evolved from a means of operational (combat) provide a means of warfare – says Yuri Dove.” This means that it is a means of modern warfare will continue to develop.

Prepared using materials: State Corporation “Rostec” , the newspaper“Military-Industrial Courier”

 Author: Dmitry Litovkin