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Pro-Russian In Mariupol Got Exactly What She Asked For

Mariupol separatist Olga Abdurashitova. © Photo from “VKontakte”

Olga Abdurashitova, Ukrainian resident of Mariupol, and a big fan of the “Russian world”, had tearfully asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to introduce troops into Ukraine on her page on the social network “VKontakte” on June 10, 2014.

Putin has heard her request and helped her.

Yesterday, 24 January 2015, she was killed in the explosive impact of a rocket launched from a GRAD Russian multiple launch rocket system that the Russians fired upon the civilian areas of her city.

Ukrainian blogger Fedor Kulikov found the name/ID of this pro-Russian separatist in the list of those killed in the recent shelling of Mariupol. The Russians came as she requested.

The remains of the “Russian World” fan were found after the shelling on Kyivska street, near the Kyiv market in Mariupol. Most probably, she went to the market to buy food, Ukrainian food of course. Life can be quite cruel, but sometimes it can also be just, ironic, and karmic. ‘She got what she asked for’, Fedor Kulikov commented on his FB page.

Yes, Olga, when Russians invade, they really don’t care who they kill.

(Translated from Russian by my Chrome browser)

Breakaway from Mariupol killed Russian ”Castle “

Ukrainian resident of Mariupol, a big fan of the “Russian world”, Olga Abdurashitova as recently as June 10 on her page on the social network “VKontakte” tearfully asked the Russian president Vladimir Putin to introduce troops into Ukraine. Yesterday, 24 January, she was killed in the explosion of a shell of the Russian system of volley fire “Grad” from which the Russian occupants fired her city. Found a pro-Russian separatists in the list of those killed in the shelling and found it entertaining match Ukrainian blogger Fedor Kulikov .

– Life is only cruel, but also, no doubt, is true, – he wrote on his page on Facebook. – June 10 citizen Abdurashitova tearfully and hysterically asked Putin to Ukraine to introduce troops at “VKontakte”. She literally flowed poison of hatred for everything Ukrainian. As a result, Russian troops actually entered, and 24 January citizen killed during the shelling Abdurashitova Mariupol systems “Grad”. Perhaps someone will talk about a certain symbolism, that it is not necessary to wake famously until it quiet, but I would advise not yet marked Rogue God only one thing: be careful with their requests.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the corpse “of all lovers of Russian” was discovered after the bombing of Mariupol on the streets of Kiev near Kiev with the same market. Apparently, she went there for food – of course, Ukrainian.

Fragment list of the dead

We checked the page Olga Abdurashitova in the social network “VKontakte” . The probability that the deceased was another woman (eg namesake) is virtually absent: first, all the data are identical, except for the year of birth: it is obvious that the social network has decided separatist “rejuvenate” exactly 10 years.Secondly – Page Olga Abdurashitova literally dazzles outpouring of love to the “Russian world” anti-Ukrainian and appeals. Finally, in the third, the last time Abdurashitova came to your page on January 21 at 17:48 – before firing Mariupol Russian systems of volley fire “Grad”. Over it in the social network did not appear.However, there is on the wall and condolences, because the page was shut down for the records of other users at a time when anti-Ukrainian Abdurashitova accused of appeals.

Yesterday, January 25, the Russian troops stationed in Ukraine under the guise of “militia DNR” fired district east of the city of Mariupol of MLRS “Grad” . As of today, January 25, as a result, killing 30 civilians, including children, and about 100 people were injured. Originally reported 10 dead and 46 wounded, but updated figures were much worse.