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Graham Phillips – Russia’s and Putin’s propagandist

Graham Phillips – Russian Propagandist


I don’t take issue with anyone from Ukraine exposing a Russian propagandist, not at all.

But saying someone is a Russian propagandist does not make one so. It might be the truth, but without proof, it’s just an opinion.  Here is an excerpt from the below article accusing Graham Phillips of being a Russian Propagandist.  Notice, no links to any articles showing proof of the accusations.

  1. He took up Arms, it is not even A propagandist, he Became A Russian Terrorist.
  2. He wears A Military Uniform of the Russian Army.
  3. He is A Friend of the Russian Aggressors.
  4. He advertises Child soldiers.
  5. He ideological Friend One Russian chauvinist and Anti -Semites.
  6. He’s A Friend Russian international Terrorists

These are wonderful and sensational charges against Graham Phillips, and I have no doubt many, if not most, are true.  But what he is doing is not illegal.

The fact that he is a propagandist is the charge I am focusing on.  It uses the word “propaganda”, which has a different meaning to everyone.  Unfortunately THE best expert on propaganda, Phil Taylor, of the UK, passed away.  The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum had a wonderful display about propaganda and the curator had a great working definition, that went roughly: A broad presentation of highly negative features of a (group of people) based on a kernel of truth.  I really distorted his definition to make it fit here, but it works. Okay, that being said… And there are many kinds of propaganda; let me focus on what we are mostly seeing being dumped on us by Russia.

The worst kind of propaganda is a lie.  In my opinion, Russian propagandists do it best. They take a smidgen of truth (a highly technical term), turn it upside down, and fart out a mistruth, a lie. Feel free to quote me on that and please, feel free to distort that one word, which wasn’t my original thought.

I would say the best way to expose a propagandist is to show three things.  One, the kernel of truth which is being used. Second, the lie. Third, a comprehensive explanation of the truth. Posting this information once will not bring a propagandist down, but a compilation of his or their lies just might do the trick.

So, to finish this thought, Phillips is being accused of making stuff up, perhaps with the occasional nugget of truth (inserted where the sun doesn’t shine), and then he broadcasts it on Star or RT.  Therefore, I put to you, dear reader, a challenge.

Send me comments by Graham Phillips that contains: one, the kernel of truth he’s using. Two, the lie. Three, the truth.  One can be tiny, while three is more comprehensive. Perhaps you might include a fourth part, showing how the truth and his lies are different.

I’ll put them in a spreadsheet and send it to anyone wanting to help.  Together we’ll see if we can send that to enough people to make a case against him, embarrass him and make it impossible for his to show his face without being labeled a bad journalist, a liar, guilty of perjury, and a dirty propagandist.

(Translated from Russian by my Chrome browser)

This British citizen working for the Russian state propaganda channel “Star” and “Russia Today”.He brazenly lying about Ukraine, he is deceiving his readers on Facebook. How can it be that a British citizen is involved in Putin’s false propaganda against Ukraine?

He demonstrates on his Facebook corpses of people he enjoys it, he extends a special anti-Ukrainian false propaganda created by the Russian (aggressor Putin) state media.

He took up Arms, it is not even A propagandist, he Became A Russian Terrorist.
He wears A Military Uniform of the Russian Army.
He is A Friend of the Russian Aggressors.
He advertises Child soldiers.
He ideological Friend One Russian chauvinists and Anti -Semites.
He’s A Friend Russian international Terrorists

Is that enough?

British intelligence agencies are obliged to do everything possible to arrest the man, and a comprehensive investigation of his activities.

Terrorist Graham Phillips


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  1. Phillips, who was reporting from the scene, claimed that Donetsk airport had been captured by DPR forces when Ukraine claimed UAF were in control. Phillips was proven correct. Ukraine was engaged in propaganda.

    Is that the type of propaganda you are looking for?

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