For shame,

Of all the made up stories, all the propaganda, all the lies, the distortions, the mistruths, all the absolute crap stories I have read over the past year, a story by made me pull up the reigns of my horse with absolute horror in its absolute bold lies.  The story is that bad. The accompanying picture an obvious forgery or posed. The absolute gall of – so gross, overwhelming and nauseating, I had to devote one blog piece just to their absolute ilk.

Israeli Soldier Gives Water to Blind Elderly Palestinian Woman for Propaganda, Then Kills Her“.

During the aggression, an Israeli soldier approached the old woman and took a photo for another soldier while giving her water. They then executed her by shooting her in the head from a distance of one metre and let her bleed until she died.

Please take a look at the next picture.  Please tell me this looks like a Pallywood picture.

I have seen many, many pictures of dead people and this does not look like one.

I have seen many dead bodies, of people shot in the head, and this does not look like one,

I have seen many stories of war crimes and this does not look like one., I am calling you out.  I say this story is a fabrication, a lie and you are perpetrating, you are publishing a lie and you are responsible.  You. You are unprofessional for doing this, you do not deserve any association with the proud profession of journalism and you should be shut down.  Remember that name, put it on your “bad” list and spread the word. They are despicable, vile, the opposite of journalists.

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  1. there was a time, ignorance was bliss, but then i awoke. Chossudovsky knows jack. is he just a useful idiot or deliberately foisting carp to gullible fishermen?

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