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In Ukraine, created the Ministry of Information Policy

Minister of Information Policy Yuri Stets

Wonderful news out of Ukraine.  I submitted some papers to this end.  I personally believe a few of my words survived.  I know others involved in other parts of this effort.

Minister of Information Policy Yuri Stets has five missions.

Five missions:

  • Countering information aggression by Russia
  • The development strategy of information policy of the state
  • The concept of information security of Ukraine
  • Coordination of government in matters of communication
  • Dissemination of information

Some thoughts for the future. This undeclared war with Russia will not last forever.  In the meantime Ukraine must work with and cooperate with other countries of the world.  The first bullet, “Countering information aggression by Russia”, will change shortly to encompass other aggressors other than Russia.  Russia is, quite literally, the big bad bear in the room, the biggest short-term threat. As other groups become known, or if all the groups are lumped together into one entity, this efforts will change focus – but mostly just in name.  Stay tuned.

As for the information security bullet, imagine all the ‘hacks’ we have seen, as of late.  Sony, CENTCOM, Facebook, etc. Imagine what forces are being arrayed against Ukraine in cyberspace. If I were an information security kind of guy (hint, AB), I would see about getting my proverbial butt up to Kyiv and becoming a part of that effort. I know some people…

The last bullet, “dissemination of information”.  I put this bullet in one of my papers and tried to hammer it home with a separate email. Kyiv is fighting for its life, literally and figuratively. Any and every way of disseminating information must be used.  My first target is getting the paywall removed from as I believe it is and should be the single most important source for credible information for Ukraine.

Good first steps, Ukraine. Good first steps.


01/14/2015 16:45

Cabinet approved a decree on the establishment of the Ministry of information policy, one of whose objectives – countering information aggression on the part of the Russian Federation

Minister of Information Policy Yuri Stets

The Cabinet of Ministers approved a resolution on January 14, according to which established the Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine and the Regulations on its activities. It is reported by the press service of the Cabinet.

“The provisions of the Ministry after a public discussion in the light of the comments that came from the People’s Deputies of Ukraine, public organizations, professional associations were sent to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine”, – said in a statement.

Their proposals have provided: Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information Policy of the Verkhovna Rada, the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, the Independent Media Union, the Independent Association of Broadcasters, the Ukrainian Association of Press Publishers and others.

“The key tasks of the Ministry are: countering information aggression by Russia, the development strategy of information policy of the state and the concept of information security of Ukraine, coordination of government in matters of communication and dissemination of information. These problems are fixed in the action program of the government, as well as in the coalition agreement, which signed a five parliamentary factions of the Verkhovna Rada, “- noted in the Cabinet.

It is also noted that in the near future will be created in the Ministry of Information Community Council, which will include representatives of non-governmental organizations, media representatives, media experts, and who will perform supervisory functions with respect to the activities of the department.

As you know, the Minister of Information Policy in December 2014 he was  appointed  Yuri Stets.


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