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The Kremlin’s Top 75 Lies About The Ukraine Crisis

December 12, 2014

[Video and comments here

The folks at [] are committed to uncovering untrue or misleading information being disseminated by Russian media about the crisis in Ukraine.

And now StopFake has published a video (below) that runs down the Top 75 lies and untruths of 2014.

“Obviously, when you see these, you’ll see there’s a purpose behind all of these deliberate attempts from the Kremlin to spread disinformation about the war in Ukraine,” says the video’s host, Sam King. “It’s part of their war effort. It’s their first line of offense against other countries. It’s more than propaganda.”

StopFake says most of the cases cited find Kremlin-back media companies using old or mislabeled photographs to create false reports.

We’d like to hear your favorite Kremlin untruths about the Ukraine crisis. They can be examples cited in the video or perhaps ones that have not received a lot of attention