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US Army Sends 100 Bradley and Abrams Tanks To Eastern Europe To “Deter Russian Aggression”

Reviewing this article with propaganda as the filter.
In this wordsmithing joust between Russia and the West it is often amusing to see the words “deter” and “intimidate” used interchangeably. The alternate use of “tanks” and “Bradley fighting vehicles” is something very few recognize outside of those with a military background. In the title above it starts with “Bradley” and in the article behind the link it starts with “tank”. To me this appears to be a well thought out action with combined arms teams whereas if I see the word “tank” alone I know whoever made the title is seeking sensationalism.
Now let me shift to graphics. In the picture above, just as in the article, the F-16 and F-18 fighters, aircraft and eurofighters are pointed towards Russia. What is not shown, to counterbalance, is the incursions by any other aircraft into NATO or EU airspace. The point is, quite clearly, to show the “aggression” of NATO. What is not shown is the cause for NATO’s response… therefore the article is probably very pro-Russian. Knowing this, I began reading the article. In my opinion it is useful to pre-judge an article by the title and the graphics before wading into the words.
For the most part the article is straight forward, so no problem. I realize the article was translated from another language because some of the translation was crude… By the end of the article it became quite apparent the article is an attempt to persuade someone (??) that NATO is trying to intimidate Russia – leaving out Russian actions to cause NATO’s response.

All in all my overall takeaway is to judge as another Russian propaganda tool.  What I find interesting is the author’s moniker, Tyler Durden.  According to Zerohedge, nobody is allowed to access his information contained on ZeroHedge, but Wikipedia has this description: “Tyler Durden, the alias of several bloggers from the financial website Zero Hedge“.   Several bloggers?  Tyler Durden is a character in the film “fight club”.  It is interesting that Wikipedia categorizes ZeroHedge as a financial blog when this article is clearly political in nature.  Zero hedge clearly embraces the title of “activist” and claims anywhere from four to forty editors for the site.

My label for ZeroHedge?  Ignorable.