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Ukraine SBU Arrests Russia FSB General in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) arrested a Russian General, Nikolai Grechishkin, in the Federal Security Service FSB of the Russian Federation.

General Grechishkin was responsible for transferring military equipment, mercenaries and volunteers from Russia to the East Ukraine areas controlled by Russian militants. He was also responsible for the Cargo 200 shipments of dead Russian soldiers back to Russia.

He also organized the illegal demonstration by soldiers of the Ukrainian National Guard in Kyiv recently, as reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

During a search of Grechishkin’s residence, agents found a Russian-made RPG-26 “Aglen” disposable anti-tank rocket launcher, a grenade and small arms ammunition, a Russian Federation passport, several documents under different names, and identity documents as assistant deputy of the Russian State Duma and as deputy editor of RussianNews. Agents also removed business cards of Russian officials in the Russian Defense Ministry and the Federal Migration Service of Russia, the agency reported.

The SBU report stated that Grechishkin has been on Ukrainian territory continuously since January, in violation of Ukrainian law, and has been carrying out FSB assignments to coordinate activities between the leaders of the illegal terrorist groups of the so-called LNR (Luhansk People’s Republic)  and DNR (Donetsk People’s Republic) and the Russian intelligence service. With the help of administrators in Moscow, he also organized regular shipments of military equipment (armored “Tiger” military vehicles) to militant-controlled territory in Ukraine  and transfers of mercenaries (including 130 tankers from Sverdlovsk and volunteers from among the radical Cossack units of the Russian Federation) to participate in combat actions against Ukrainian forces.

According to the Ukraine SBU, General Grechishkin had been present and operating in Ukraine, primarily around Kyiv, since January 2014.

On October 13th there were protests by activated Ukraine soldiers from three separate units.  General Krechishkin was responsible for coordinating their participation and activities.

I did not notice any mention of cash in the search of his residence.

Yet another nail in the coffin negating all attempts by Russia to deny their involvement in Ukraine.

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