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Lenin Statue in Kharkiv Toppled

The real people of Kharkiv have spoken, they do not like Lenin, so they tore down his statue.

My gut feeling, as is most reports that I have read, is that many people in Kharkiv just do not like and do not trust Russia or Russians.

Several hundred people gathered in Kharkiv’s Freedom Square on Sunday night and cheered as the monument came down.

I happened to be chatting with a Russian when this happened, his immediate retort was that Lenin hated Russians. I responded with “If Lenin is so anti-Russian, why is his tomb in Red Square?”

This report from KyivPost contains multiple videos.

Many, many reports are on the internet, just drop Lenin and Kharkiv into Google and be prepared to be overwhelmed.

In case you are confused that this is an anti-Lenin demonstration, it is actually an anti-Putin statement.  The protestors were shouting “Bye Vlad”, meaning Russian President Vladimir Putin here.

News Agency Kharkov, however, states the statue will be restored.  After a quick review of the site, I would probably be accurate to assume this site is grossly pro-Russian.

The people have spoken, dear Comrade, many of the people in Kharkiv do not like Putin.  Putin huilo?