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China blocks Instagram to Suppress Demonstration News

The real story: China is blocking the fact that such large crowds are protesting Chinese oppression. It is not to protect the people. Now read the official government description of why Instagram is blocked:

“Chinese authorities have blocked Instagram to stop spread of videos and photos, which feature Hong Kong police using tear gas against peaceful protesters. Many of the photos, which depicted harsh and imprudent use of force by the police, were posted through the social media application with the hashtags “‪#‎OccupyCentral‬” or “‪#‎OccupyHK‬”.”

Hong Kong says riot police have pulled back as protesters jam city streets“, the video on this story shows the enormity of the crowd and truly describes the significance of the demonstrations.

Responding to Hong Kong police using tear gas, the demonstrators not only regrouped, they multiplied.

THIS is what Russia and China fear: protests, popular uprisings.  This is why Putin is enacting government control of the internet in times of state crisis.  China shut down Instagram, to control how news travels.  This is what the cybersecurity body of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization proposed to the UN, to allow the state to shut down the internet in time of a state crisis.

Russia is watching closely as China deals with their internal crisis, a mass demonstration.  China has taken the initial step of restricting access to Instagram, time will tell how closely the internet is throttled down, suppressed or turned off completely.  We may see cell phone access restricted as well.

This is about China but the world is watching.