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Piss Poor Russian Misinformation

Bob Beck, Co – Host of Extreme Outer Limits TV and Watlington Outdoors Pro-Staff Member.

Today a Russian friend posted a link to an article: “Shoot People on Your Vacation! War Tourists in “Human Safaris” in Ukraine.“.  The implication is that “a” company is running “safaris” into Ukraine to hunt Russian separatists.  My first thought was “Cool, how can I sign up?”

I realized it was bogus, the language was so much like Russian propaganda I had to stop from spitting out my coffee.  Get a load of this:

According to this captured fighter from the neo-Nazi punitive battalion “Azov”, EU citizens are fighting on the side of Ukrainian troops as “war tourists”.  The foreigners, usually right wing extremists, participate in a kind of “safari” where they can hunt people.

The author, Damir Marinovic, uses the right words to be classic Russian propaganda:  neo-Nazi and punitive.

Then the article is accompanied by a picture. This is what initially caught my attention so I went to Google Image and, voila, up popped the picture.  C’mon, Russia Insider, you can do a better job if you’re going to rip off pictures from another site and imply it’s one of yours.  Russia Insider is also implying that this is an actual picture of some rich Westerner who is paying to “hunt” pro-Russian separatists.

You know something?  That’s not a bad idea.  Here is a suggested target list.  Are there limits?  Is there a minimum size?  Oh, they’re not wearing rank, so I have to bag them all? Easy, squeezy.