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Google will help Ukraine deal with the Kremlin’s propaganda

Google will help Ukraine deal with the Kremlin’s propaganda

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Publish: August 29, 2014, 07:24
Last updated: 29 August 2014, 10:50
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 Valentin Nalyvaychenko

Security Service of Ukraine reached an agreement with Google Inc. to jointly fight with the Russian secret services, who are constantly spreading propaganda network in the Kremlin and sow panic among the population. This was on August 28 at a press conference, said the head of the SBUValentin Nalyvaychenko , the press service said.

It is reported that Russian special services specifically through social networks, spam and SMS messages are trying to intimidate the citizens of Ukraine and sow panic and hurt them.

“18th Special Center of the Federal Security Service of Russia in social networks, via e-mail and sms-messages with Facebook purposefully three days sends texts panic nature , with a view to provoke panic, “- said Nalyvaychenko.

He said that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has already agreed on this with Google, and will soon be taken to unlock channels on Youtube and when other resources that are blocking the Russian Federation, because they illuminated objective information about the situation in Ukraine.

Nalivaychenko added that Russian security services as well to help journalists, in particular its propaganda channels Lifenews and “Star”.

August 28 the National Council on Television and Radio Broadcasting unveiled a list of journalists and television executives of the Russian Federation, which may be denied entry into Ukraine.

Earlier in one of the private presses Kiev Security Service of Ukraine seizedcopies of printed materials separatist and extremist. More than 2 thousand copies just printed newspaper “working class,” the police took off straight off the assembly line.