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Grave of Ukranian Hero Stepan Bandera Desecrated

Grave and desecrated grave of Stepan Bandera, in Munich, Germany

My original intent was to expose what I thought was a Russian disinformation piece, stating that the grave of Stepan Bandera, in Munich, Germany, had been desecrated, according to a Russian website,  The article was posted by a Russian professional friend on Facebook, so I proceeded to do what I normally do, find corroborating evidence.  Trust nobody and verify.  

I couldn’t find a thing.  I searched quite a few German websites.  I did a Google News Search.  I did a search on, who specialize in breaking news stories.  Nothing.  How in the heck did a Russian news service scoop the entire world? I had my suspicions and I still have them, and somehow the story got into the hands of a Russian Information Warfare professional and he posted it onto Facebook hours and hours and hours before anyone else in the world published that story – and I was intentionally looking for it.  Conspiracy theory?  It sure smells like it, but I have no proof, only my spidey sense is tingling and I’ve noticed that my spidey sense is hardly ever wrong.   I have a sneaking feeling the Russians were somehow behind this little sidestory but until I hear further, it is only a strong suspicion. 

Back to the real story.  In order for you, dear reader, to understand the significance of this action, you must understand how Stepan Bandera is a certified national hero of Ukriane.  But the people of Ukraine are polarized between the West and the Russian perspective.  Lviv and all of West Ukraine worship the ground upon which Bandera walked, people in East Ukraine or anyone with Russia sympathies hate him.  The Soviet propaganda following his assasination by the KGB in 1959 irrevocably smeared his name for anyone who is pro-Russian.

Stepan Bandera, from Wikipedia:

Stepan Andriyovych Bandera (Ukrainian: Степан Андрійович Бандера; 1 January 1909 – 15 October 1959) was a Ukrainian political activist and leader of the Ukrainian nationalist movement in Western Ukraine which fought for Ukrainian independence.

The life and death of Stepan Bandera is very controversial and I am sure to get flack from many corners, in how I weave this story.  This story involves Nazi Germany, Poland, the Soviet Union, Ukraine and ends in West Germany, now Germany.  To understand Bandera, one must take a deep dive into the history of Ukraine, Soviet collectivism, the great famine of the 1930s – tens of millions of Ukranians died of starvation due to unrealistic Soviet quotas, enforced by the NKVD.  

Bandera worked his way up the ranks of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, the OUN.  

…becoming the chief propaganda officer of the OUN in 1931, the second in command of OUN in Galicia in 1932–33, and the head of the National Executive or the OUN in 1933.  (Wikipedia)

They wanted an independent Ukrainian state.  Surprisingly it was the German – Soviet takeover of Poland that brought all the parts of Ukraine together.  Stepan Bandera, however, had worked against Polish officials when Ukraine was a part of Poland, to expose and stop their corruption, their genocide against Ukrainian citizens and other anti-Ukrainian activites.  He was arrested and sentenced to death for terrorism, his sentenced was later commuted to life in prison.  

Here the story gets…  flaky and the stories vary.  Either Bandera was released by fellow Ukrainian nationalists or by the Nazis, to fight against the approaching Soviets.  He was based in Berlin to oversee training of a 7,000 man Ukrainian ‘army’, and in 1941, they moved to Ukraine and declared an independent Ukrainian state.  His relations with the Nazis soured and he was again sent to prison, winding up in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp outside Frankfurt, Germany.  In 1944 he was asked by the Nazis to help wage guerilla warfare against the invading Soviets.  According to various sources, Bandera was also working with MI-6 and the CIA. Bandera continued working against the Soviet and Polish governments, for a free Ukraine, continuing after World War II ended.  Bandera was killed by the KGB in Munich, Germany, in 1959, by cyanide gas.

Soviet agent Bohdan Stashynsky assassinated him in Munich. During Stashynsky’s trial, it was established that the order for Bandera’s assassination came directly from the head of the KGB, Alexander Shelepin.

His grave is in Munich, Germany.  

After his death the Soviets went to great lengths to smear his name, associate him with the nazis, call him a fascist and an ultra-nationalist.  The use of this symbolism by the Russians continues today, nothing has been lost during the transition from the Soviet Union to Russia.  

Now his grave has been desecrated by an unknown party, and we can only guess as to the motivation.  The obvious party is the Russians, in yet another psychological blow against Ukraine.  Once again, there is plausible deniabiilty.  



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  1. He is a sick murderer of children and innocent people. Hero? For the new nazi ukranian goverment he might be

    1. You poor misinformed, overly emotional person. Bandera enabled Ukraine to be a nation, it was war, it was World War II, he did what he had to do to enbale Ukraine. This has been debated ever since 1944, don’t try it now.

      Now take your Russian comments and jam them.

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