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Is Dmitry Kiselev Gay?

Dmitry Kiselev, head of Rossiya Segodnya

In a twist of fate, rumors are circulating that Dmitry Kiselev, head of Rossiya Segodnya (translates to Russia Today, not to be confused with RT), is gay.

Not that I personally care, being secure in my masculinity and very straight.

A close associate, recently returned from Moscow and St. Petersburg, where he worked advancing the LGBT agenda.  What he did had to be very closely protected, as anti-gay laws are increasingly harsh and severely enforced.

During his stay in Moscow several people mentioned that Dmitry Kiselev was reportedly gay.  Knowing that I regard Dmitry as the head propagandist of Russian “commercial” media, my friend gently probed to get more answers. Few details were uncovered during his investigation, but some gays in Russia regard him as ‘gay-friendly’.

Dmitry Kiselev is publicly known for his homophobic stance, so I was shocked to hear this disclosure and then read this Reuter’s article: “Meet Vladimir Putin’s homophobic, vitriolic, charismatic master of propaganda“.

My friend went to three gay clubs in Moscow, Club Propaganda, the 12 Volt Club and Central Station Club (which closed shortly after).  He said it was dangerous to visit these clubs, as one of the owners left and requested asylum in the US and there have been numerous incidents of violence against gays. Remarkable was the police response time – none.

I would not have published this article had not a second friend, who is straight, previously confirmed hearing the rumors while working in Moscow during the Sochi Olympics.

Indeed, Dmitry Kiselev and his homophobic attitude are strange bedfellows.  Pun intended.


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