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Yalta, Crimea Graduates Sing Ukrainian National Anthem, drown out Russian…

Only in this mixed up world.   It looks like the Russians are still losing the hearts and minds of their people in Crimea, no matter how they won at the polling booth.

The video you are about to see takes place in Yalta, in Crimea.  Crimea, in case you forget, is that place the Russians took over after an ‘overwhelming’ victory in the polling booths.  The referendum, which is widely regarded as illegal and unethical, resulted in an overwhelming show of support for annexation to Russia.

Only, according to these students graduating in Yalta, they would prefer Ukraine to Russia.  They show their loyalties by singing the Ukrainian national anthem instead of the Russian.  They overpower the Russian national anthem, then whoever is controlling the Russian music cranks it up, then the students sing louder…

It looks like a fairly active show of support to Ukraine.