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Soviet, oops, Russian Active Measures at Work

John Kerry.(AFP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin )

During the cold war, the KGB would sometimes attack the US indirectly.  The KGB would write a whole bunch of lies based on a kernel of truth, that was purposefully designed to incite and inflame certain groups to anger.  They were called Soviet Active Measures.  When the KGB printed such a story in a newspaper in India, it took two years before it was discovered and caused outrage in America.

So seems the current Modus Operandi of the Information Warfare pundits, probably now in the FSB, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the GRU.

A Serbian news site, InSerbia News, published a story coincidentally with the RT story, ‘State Dept aspires to be news agency packaging propaganda messages’.   “RT’s Escobar: This is information war and Kerry is whining like a kid“.  RT even tweeted about it: Shot 2014-04-26 at 9.44.03 PM

Then, Irresonsible RT International Bashing by Stephen Lendman was published. Then “RT: ‘Propaganda bullhorn’: John Kerry attacks RT during Ukraine address“.

I only caught these articles because I noticed a whole bunch of attack pieces focused on Secretary Kerry and the US State Department.

I mean, c’mon, I thought you had better Information Warfare professionals over there.  Don’t do a mass copy and paste of all your paid  journalist friends and hit send all at one time?  You know, a few here, a few there, spread them out.  Don’t make it so painfully obvious.