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RT accuses NATO of Terrorism – Outright Lies

I’m constantly amazed at the extremist perspectives of the Russian “news”. Here is an article from RT where NATO is accused of shooting people in the Maidan in Kyiv, NATO is also being accused of terrorism.

At a minimum this is irresponsible journalism. I would label it libelous. The outright lies flowing out of RT have forever tainted its reputation as unreliable, untrustworthy and biased to the extreme.  Here is a translation, using my Chrome browswer.

“Reporter: Right-wing radicals in Ukraine related to past terrorist NATO”

“According to journalist Martin Summers is becoming increasingly clear that the West is concerned about the political overtones movements in Ukraine. “But if you go back to the time when there was a power grab and snipers shot and protesters and police, and in the course of an intercepted telephone conversation between the EU High Representative Catherine Ashton and Foreign Minister Urmas Paet was quite unambiguous indication of the fact that for this sniper fire are forces present in the current government, it becomes clear that this is due to long-term secret subversion of NATO structures called “Gladio” – said the journalist.

“They were created after the Second World War to counter the expected invasion of the Soviet Union, but have been transformed into terrorist cells themselves in the territory of the western countries. They were discovered in the course of police operations “, – said Summers.

The journalist noted that these organizations were behind the explosion at the railway station in Bologna, which was found on the basis of the investigation carried out by the Italian Parliament, the Belgian parliament and the parliament of Switzerland.

“And I was very worried in this regard that this is right radical movement in Ukraine is closely linked to past terrorist NATO, and, perhaps, his present. And what happened – it’s definitely a power takeover “- said Summers.”

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