3 thoughts on “Kiev shooting wounds 3, including deputy mayor – Democratic Underground

  1. Not sure what to make of this situation yet. Yarosh is the leader, but Pravy Sector is not a top down hierarchical group. It is more horizontally structured, with each group having more or less autonomous self-governing. However Yarosh must take responsibility at some level for the tension. Muzychko was a pig and I hate to say it, but better off dead. He was bound to stir up more trouble in the end. Yarosh is maneuvering to run for parliament, even though he is a presidential candidate, he obviously has no chance to take that office. But the popular government needs to take Pravy Secktor seriously because a lot of passionate and disaffected youth are under their wings, as evidenced by this revenge killing. This is the LAST thing Ukraine needs right now, terrorism. This is a terrible development. I pray for my beloved Ukrainian friends.

    Joel: I urge you to read this interesting article on Yarosh and Pravy just published today: http://euromaidanpr.wordpress.com/2014/04/02/the-right-sector-an-inside-view/#more-6370

  2. We also have to be VERY careful to jump to conclusions if something like this happens again, because the Russians will attempt to take full advantage of episodes like this and could full well create their own false flags to justify further incursions into Ukrainian territory.

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