Alaska To Return To Russia!


A Russian friend posted a link to the following story coming out of Russia.  “The petition for the annexation of Alaska to Russia on the White House website U.S. gathered 30 thousand signatures“.

Here is the translation from the original Russian, courtesy of my Chrome browser.

Treatment called “Return Alaska Russia”, published on the website of the White House resident of the largest city in the state of Alaska – Anchorage, collected almost 30 thousand signatures.

The petition emphasized that the first tribes from Siberia to Alaska were about 10-16 thousand years ago, the isthmus, where he later formed the Bering Strait. They “settled the Arctic coast, and Aleut tribes occupied the Aleutian Archipelago.”

The document also notes that the first Europeans to set foot August 21, 1732 on the lands of Alaska, were members of the crew of the Russian ship “St. Gabriel.” In connection with this document are invited to vote for the “exit from the Native States and accession to Russia.”

Over the weekend, Russia’s permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov joked that U.S. Senator John McCain to “watch Alaska” , recalling that “Alaska was part of Russia.”

Recall that the United States purchased Alaska from the Russian Empire in 1867 for $ 7.2 million.

30,000 signatures? That’s only 70,000 signatures less than needed.  *laughing*

At approximately 2 cents per acre, obviously Russia didn’t need that much money and didn’t think much of the land.   Gee, do you think they made a mistake in 1867?  Damn right they did.

Fast forward to 2014 and Crimea votes to secede from Russia, leading to this wishful thinking.  Funny thing, the last time any state tried to secede from the US, there was a one word answer.  No.

Hey Russia.  Pshaw.

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