Ru – Kyiv in Chaos – Truth – Calm

Oh the sweet agony of the truth.

Here is something the US Embassy in Kiev pointed out today in a Tweet:

Chaos on the Streets of Kyiv? The Reality

Disinformation: Kyiv is a burned out battle ground filled with rampaging lawless groups.

Fact: The effects of the Maidan confrontation are extremely localized…

After a quick glimpse through this video, one can see the absolute chaos in Kiev.  Not.  The streets are calm, everyday life is going on and it almost appears like tourists are roaming the streets.

Sorry, Russia.  Your attempt to incite fear: Fail.

3 thoughts on “Ru – Kyiv in Chaos – Truth – Calm

  1. Unfortunately it is tainted with the label of state sponsored truth coming from the US Embassy, even though it IS truth. but at least we’re doing SOMEthing to fight the onslaught of Putiganda.

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