Putin Borrows from Hitler?

On March 18th, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech to both houses of parliament in Moscow.  During the speech he borrowed a term from Adolf Hitler, “National traitors”  or Nationalverräter, straight from Mein Kampf.

A word of caution, Mr. President.  You might want to avoid any association with Hitler.  Your actions have already been compared with Hitler for his Sudentenland annexation, the Anschluss of Austria.   You might want to avoid further association with Hitler, I think you know why.

Speaking of Sudentenland, Russia is furthering its control of information by suppressing academic discussions of Russia’s actions in Ukraine.  Dr. Andrei Zubov was fired for publishing an article critical of Russia’s move into Crimea, in an article titled “This Has Already Happened“.

Oh, Russia.  Your fear of dissent is showing.  Are you that fearful of your dirty laundry being aired?

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