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Ukrainian Yulia Marushevska to Speak in Washington DC

Have you seen “I am a Ukrainian”?  Some say this is the Strategic Communication video of the year.

Yulia Marushevska was the young woman speaking in the video.  She is a PhD candidate at Taras Shevchenko University in Kyiv/Kiev and is speaking in Washington DC this next Monday.  After reading about her, seeing her videos and researching this, I have real problems believing anything Putin says to disparage the new government.  Sure, not all governments are 100% pure, but it certainly sounds like her new government is a heck of a lot better than under Viktor Yushchenko.

Amazingly, Russian propagandists has spread disinformation about this video.  “I am a Ukrainian’ Video Exposed As Kony-Style Scam” is one of the more egregious examples of a simple smear campaign.  With no proof, claiming her video is a scam is about as effective as stating a sidewalk is not made out of concrete.

If you have any doubts, please view this video about the making of the video.  She made it herself with only a little editing.

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3 thoughts on “Ukrainian Yulia Marushevska to Speak in Washington DC

  1. The most interesting part of this video lies in the commentaries below and the youtube display on the right hand side of like-videos of pro-Russian propaganda that (1) demean the Maidan demonstrators (as if there were only only a handful and only in Maidan), (2) deflect the issue from the loathed regime of Yanukovitch (in whom Putin had lost all faith by the way), and (3) spread the myth of an existential threat to Russophone Ukrainians.
    Is it time to take this on?

  2. Would that the zombies (the Alex Joneses, Michael Riveros, Jeff Renses of the world — guys that I used to listen to actually) feeding into Putin’s propaganda machine are eating their words now about this so-called Kony-style video that went viral but I suspect they won’t because zombies don’t think. If it doesn’t fit the proscribed anti-American Zionist takeover program, then it doesn’t get a voice. I am so fed up with the “alternative media” these days. They live in an echo chamber and parrot each others’ stories.

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