Russian Official: ‘Russia Will Regain Alaska, The Baltic Countries, Finland And Poland”


The representative of the Russian Federation to the Council of Europe in Roman Kokorev Facebook says that Russia will take back the Moldova, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics, as well as Alaska, the Baltic States, Finland and Poland.

He wrote about this on Facebook during correspondence with Pauline Godorog that made ​​their dialogue and screenshots posted on his page .

I’m sure this guy is just running his mouth but if there really is this kind of imperialism inside the Kremlin then the world is in for some hurt.  Can you imagine Russia invading Alaska?  That would be insane.  America has some 20,000 troops in Alaska including the 11th Air Force,  two brigade combat teams, an Combat Aviation Brigade, a Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, the United States Army garrisons in Alaska as well as tenant organizations. A National Guard Infantry Group and the 17th Coast Guard district.

Against that Russia would throw, in theory, 4 Armies, Pacific Fleet, several independent brigades(mechanized and airborne), Naval Infantry brigade, 3rd Air Force, and several other units.  It would be one hell of a fight.  Remember this because as unliely as it is, this couldvery well bewhat Putin isthinking.  Stay Tuned..


4 thoughts on “Russian Official: ‘Russia Will Regain Alaska, The Baltic Countries, Finland And Poland”

  1. Russia won’t Alaska. But, just to pacify the Russian Bear, I suggest we offer them Detroit. For a dollar. Or 30 rubles. Whichever.

  2. My bet would be that he wants Black Sea Belt where the resistance is likely to be nonexistent. He is handing out Russian passports. My suspicion would be that these new Russian citizens will soon become draftees.

    Finland will most likely join NATO

    I would not underestimate the Fins (my beloved Finnish whale blade attached for your convenience).


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