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Ukraine: Incident in Kharkhov May Signal Start of Invasion

Right Sector gunmen attack anti-Maidan activists in Kharkov – reports

This headline in RT should signal the beginning of Russian hostilities against Ukraine.  To me it has all the classic signs of a contrived incident.  “Right Wing” gunmen using non-lethal means to attack “local self-defence activists in the eastern city of Kharkov”, source here.

The strangest thing is the article is accompanied by three angles of YouTube video.  Wow, isn’t that convenient?  It’s nightime in Ukraine and somehow three videos were being shot just before, during and after the incident.

The time is exactly 12:56 am in Kharkhov, Ukraine.   If I’m right, one hour prior to Sunrise is at 0449, the invasion of Ukraine should begin about one hour prior, at BMNT or Before Morning Nautical Time.  This is a US military term, I’m not quite sure how it translates to civilian language.

Kharkiv, Ukraine – Sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times, table

Date Sunrise Sunset Length Change Dawn Dusk Length Change
Today 05:49 17:40 11:51   05:17 18:12 12:55