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US and Ukraine Ramp Up The Rhetoric

An article in today’s USA Today by Oren Dorrell, “Ukraine may have to go nuclear, says Kiev lawmaker“, is very powerful.

June 13, 1942: The Office of War Information is Created

The article implies that Ukraine is going to take the steps to rebuild its nuclear capability and, perhaps, use it/them in defense against Russian forces attempting to takeover Crimea.

Ladies and gentlemen, Ukraine gave up their nukes after signing a 1994 “Budapest Memorandum” Treaty, signed by the leaders of USA, UK, Russia and Ukraine.   Another country, supposedly the US or the UK would have to give a nuclear weapon to Ukraine, because the nuclear weapons that Ukraine had are supposed to be gone.  The weapons that Ukraine had were leftovers from when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union.

What are the odds that the US or the UK would give a nuke to Ukraine? Zero. Nobody is going to escalate the Ukrainian crisis to nuclear levels for the first time since 1945.  The US knows that.  Ukraine knows that.  Russia knows that.

What this does is send a very clear message to Russia, however, ‘back down’.   Both gunfighters are going to have their hands on their pistols, reminiscent of an Old West gunfight, but neither gunfighter is willing to draw first.  Doing so would cause a nuclear war and nobody wants to do that.  Nobody.

But the words have been uttered.  The threat has been made.  Now is the time to say “yeah, I’m macho.  I made the threat. Now I can back down knowing I’m a rough, tough leader.  I stared my enemy in his eyes, stood my ground and proved I was macho.”

Words don’t get too much stronger than this.

This truly is an information war supported by conventional and unconventional weapons of war.

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