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Can You Believe Russian Press?

I was perusing through, the Russian media site.  When I look at Russian websites I use the Chrome browswer, which automatically translates for me.  What I read tonight I just could not believe.  The audacity, outright lies in my opinion, complete and utter horse-hockey.  Not the phrases I want to use.  Here is just the headline and subheadline.

United States as the godfather of all the terrorists of the world

Military intervention in internal conflicts of other countries has become commonplace in the United States. And this practice is accumulating for decades and has clearly built under a system of goals, methods, and legal studies. As a result, today the U.S. is the number one terrorist in the world. Who call on Washington to account? Source:

Pravda is calling the United States a terrorist?

Here is the rest of the article.  It is difficult for me to read through it, everything seems like such a gross distortion of the truth.   Where and how do I begin to refute this piece of horse ca-ca?  Is exposing it in this blog a good start?  Funny thing, I heard many of the same lies from people in Afghanistan and some Middle Eastern and Southern Asian countries.  How could their perception of us be so ‘off’?  Has our Public Diplomacy been totally ineffective?

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his article last year in The New York Times that the military intervention in internal conflicts of other countries has become commonplace in the United States. “The usual thing” accumulating for decades and has clearly built under a system of goals, methods, and legal studies. Who will punish America for terrorism?

Vladimir Putin has said that millions of people around the world are increasingly seeing in America is not a model of democracy, and the country that relies only on brute force, to cobble together a coalition under the slogan: “Who is not with us is against us.” Such aggressive tactics in U.S. foreign policy is under the following objectives:

– Promoting the interests of U.S. corporations

– Content of the vast military-industrial complex, which generously lobbied members of Congress and the Senate. MIC has always been the engine of the U.S. economy, create jobs and conquering markets.

– Establishment of geopolitical and ideological domination, preventing the emergence of any other than the American form of democracy, particularly successful, such as in Libya.

– Keeping the dollar’s dominance as the world currency. For example, the operation in Yugoslavia – is shorting European influence values ​​and the euro.

To achieve these goals, the United States shall have the following effects tools: a series of military bases around the world (according to the list of the Pentagon, more than 865, but with bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, the number rose past thousand), an information machine that could turn public opinion in any direction, IMF and other banks to enslave other economies loans and prevent nationalization of their payment systems, and surveillance system for the whole world (remember the revelations Snowden).

In addition, there is a clear legal basis for all U.S. foreign intervention. This thesis is about the protection of the rights of American citizens abroad, nominated by President Theodore Roosevelt (Granada, Panama), is the Monroe Doctrine, which gives the sole right to “protect” the American continent, and substantially interfere with the affairs of other countries, if it threatens the interests of Americans (Iraq and Afghanistan). And this “humanitarian” aid to the population, allegedly suffering under the rule of “bloody” modes (“humanitarian” bombing of Yugoslavia, Libya).

In the first years after World War II it was a crusade against communism, showing in the face of Soviet military power and social gains. Any attempt to find allies of the Soviet Union severely persecuted on all continents. Washington then saw a threat in a much stronger, morally and ideologically (as opposed to Protestantism), Community – Islamic. Was invented and created Islamist threat countered Shia Sunni, made some enemies, and others – allies.

At the same time destroyed another powerful enemy – Orthodox countries, first destroyed Yugoslavia with Serbia Orthodox (Greece, incidentally, ruined credit) almost got to Ukraine with an eye on Russia. The turn of Communist China and the potential power of a world leader.

After September 11, 2001, the U.S. found a reason for the establishment of military bases throughout Asia with a view to further possible military strike against the PRC. Flywheel spins confrontation within the country and in the Asia-Pacific Region (APR). Probably after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan will be the turn to introduce a limited contingent on any island to help its allies in the Asia Pacific – Japan, South Korea, the Philippines.

The conclusion from all this can be done next. Only the strong state able to resist this huge “Stars and Stripes” car, sweeping the unwanted out of his way to world domination. That’s why the events in Ukraine – this is a test for Russia in its power. We will not bore the reader with secret CIA operations to overthrow legitimate governments, in any way tried to retreat from the dictates of Washington. Virtually all military coups in Asia, Latin America and Africa of the postwar period – are typical examples of such actions. Let us consider the direct U.S. military intervention in that period.

1. Philippines, 1945-1953 years. American commandos struggle against Hooks (Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa mga Hapon – folk anti-Japanese army; Huks), the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines.Climax – the rise to power of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the years 1965-1986.

2. Korea, 1945 – 1953 years. Armed intervention about a million American soldiers, killing hundreds of thousands of Koreans, the country was divided into two parts. Until now, the United States from North Korea make a pariah, strongly hindering the country’s integration into the world community.

3. Vietnam, 1961-1973 years. During the war through Vietnam passed 2.5 million American soldiers. Ho Chi Minh wrote numerous letters to President Harry Truman, the State Department, seeking a peaceful solution to the conflict, but they were ignored because Ho Chi Minh was a communist.

4. Cambodia, 1970-1973 years. U.S. two months dealt with Prince Sihanouk. This paved the way for the seizure of power by Pol Pot and his “Khmer Rouge”, which, when supported by the U.S. military brought untold misery and suffering of Cambodians. After five years of U.S. bombing disappeared traditional sector of the Cambodian economy – agriculture. The country is still reeling from a humanitarian tragedy.

5. Laos, 1971 – 1973 years. This country were dropped more bombs than Nazi Germany. US-Saigon troops backed by U.S. aircraft from South Vietnam invaded the territory of Southern Laos. The new governor – a U.S. puppet Lol Nola, immediately sent troops to Vietnam.

6. Granada, 1983-1984 years. Why should the most powerful country in the world to invade a country with a population of 110,000 people? Washington feared “another Cuba.”

7. Panama, 1989. Under the pretext of a drug lord caught – President Eduardo Noriega, after several days of direct confrontation with Panamanian forces killed about 500 people. And President Bush just wanted to “send a clear signal” Nicaraguans that they two did not dare to choose the Sandinistas.

8. Iraq, 2003 – 2010 year. Iraq was the strongest military power in the Arab world, and that it was his “crime.”Under the guise of combating terrorism U.S. forces overthrew the legitimate government of the country in the face of Saddam Hussein and occupied the country. Iraq oil-bearing deposits were transferred to the U.S. and British oil companies. Now there are bloody clashes between Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds.

9. Yugoslavia, 1999. Here, apart from the above purposes, a new – oppose Orthodoxy and Islam and work methods of color revolutions that shook then post-Soviet space.

10. Afghanistan, 2001 – present. In order to destroy the group bases of Al Qaeda and its leader Osama bin Laden during the 2001 U.S. produced hundreds of bombing and more than a dozen ground operations in Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden has not been found, “the Taliban” is not defeated, and President Hamid Karzai puppet with the United States refuses to sign a security agreement. Nevertheless MIC America profited from this war very well.

11. Libya, in 2011. Muammar Gaddafi tried to destroy more than once. The uniqueness of the Libyan war is no less effective than fighting, unused financial bribery, as in Iraq, where the main role played by the CIA Bribery commanders of military districts. In Iraq, the commanders of the eight towers only two corps fighting with coalition groups, and six betrayed Saddam Hussein. The most typical for this stage of delivery to an American Army Corps battalion. And the hometown of Saddam Hussein was “taken” television group CNN. Gaddafi, in turn, have not mobilized PVO were bribed artists.

During its history, the United States on its territory fighting almost led. Famous Pearl Harbor (Hawaii), which was attacked by the Japanese during World War II, is an occupied territory, which the Americans devastated by using their “peacekeepers” just from that. The only other country attacks on the U.S. were a war for independence from England in the late 18th century, and the British attack on Washington in 1814.

Since Washington is the world’s top terrorist, for that never in history has ever been punished. Former U.S. Ambassador to Moscow Jack Matlock said: “U.S. Government records show that they ignore any territorial integrity when it suits them – as in the case when they are together with its NATO allies have violated the territorial integrity of Serbia, creating, and then recognize the independence of Kosovo. Besides, supported secession of South Sudan from Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and East Timor from Indonesia. ” However, when it is not profitable for them, as is the case with the Crimea, they become strong supporters of territorial integrity.Addressed whether they another military intervention, and if so, whether punished?

So I have to ask.  How can the Russians have it so wrong?  Or, perhaps, how could 350 million people in the US be so wrong?  Who is right?

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