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Russia: The Truth Will Come Out

The Crimean Self Defense Volunteers, according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, is composed entirely of Crimean locals.

Vladimir Karpushenko

He lies.

Vladimir Karpushenko was recognized by journalists as the ‘Commander of the Crimean Self Defense Volunteers, while he is also the Deputy Commander of the 810th Brigade, deployed in Crimea.  Vladimir Karpushenko is a “Hero of Russia”, appearing in a Wikipedia listing of Heroes, here.  Reason: “… courage and heroism displayed during a counterterrorism operation in the North Caucasus…”[11]  “Герой России Карпушенко Владимир Валерьевич”.  

Here is his citation:

Karpushenko Vladimir V. – Commander of Reconnaissance Company 810 th Independent Marine Regiment Black Sea Fleet , Captain.

Born December 12, 1974 in Budapest – the capital of Hungary .

In the Armed Forces since 1991. In 1995 he graduated from the Far Eastern Military Command School named KK Rokossovskogo . From 1995 he served in parts Marines Black Sea Fleet . He commanded a platoon and company.

Member of fighting in Dagestan and Chechnya during the second Chechen campaign from September 1999 to February 2000 . During this time, the commander of a reconnaissance company of 810- th separate Marine Regiment Black Sea Fleet Captain Vladimir Karpushenko participated in 60 combat operations and repeatedly showed courage and bravery .

November 27, 1999 Intelligence Group Vladimir Karpushenko militants ambushed . Was seriously wounded one of the men . Risking his life , the officer made ​​a slave in a safe place for medical assistance . Then he continued the battle. Scouts returned to the base with one wounded.

After the death of the 13th Marines Lieutenant JG Kuryagina (posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation ) December 31, 1999 at a height near the village Kharachoy , Vladimir Karpushenko was requested to identify the location of the bandit , who did this . After a two-day raid January 2, 2000 Intelligence Group managed to find a gang that was engaged in the creation of new fortified positions . When conducting intelligence officer discovered that the bandits on routine work , leaving the nearest village for meals . During one of these absences Karpushenko secretly took position with his left scouts. At the time of the return of the militants were killed by a sudden -automatic machine gun fire at close range. Then, in the same position group repulsed attacks quickly arrived to the battlefield other bandit groups .

January 6, 2000 , acting at the head of reconnaissance patrol consisting of 8 – man and captain Vladimir Karpushenko found foothold militants numbering up to 40 people , controlling the road between the settlements of Karachi and Dis -Vedeno . Karpushenko passed intelligence to the battalion commander and ordered – along with the onset of the main forces battalion hit the militants from the rear. Marines attack from the rear Karpushenko caused panic among the militants and ensured the success of Action Battalion . At the beginning of the battle captain Karpushenko was wounded in the thigh , but remained in service and directed the actions of his subordinates to fight victorious conclusion . In this battle personally destroyed two machine-gun and militants. Were captured mortar and MANPADS , 15 machines on the battlefield corpses found eight militants.

For courage and heroism in the counter-terrorist operation in the North Caucasus region , Presidential Decree of April 14, 2000 Captain Vladimir V. Karpushenko awarded the title Hero of the Russian Federation with the award of the medal “Gold Star” .

Continues to serve in the Marine Corps Navy. In 2004 he graduated from the Combined Arms Academy . Several years commanded an airborne assault battalion of marines Black Sea Fleet . Military rank – lieutenant colonel .

He was awarded the Order of Courage medal .

Putin has vehemently denied Russian servicemen are used as self-defence activists in Crimea, source here.

Crimean, my buttockski.

Quick Update.   Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Karpushenko is the Deputy Commander of the Russian 810th Separate Naval Infantry Brigade from Sevastopol, that’s in Crimea.

Note:  Thank you to milnewsca for the update in LCol Karpushenko’s rank!

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