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Russian Snipers in Maidan?

One of the sources for discussions and disagreements regarding the overthrow of former Ukrainian President Yanukovych regards snipers targeting people in Maidan Nezalezhnosti or just Maidan – the central square in Kiev/Kyiv where dissidents gathered.

Russia, through RT, here, claims the snipers were hired by opposition leaders.  I read the original transcripts that RT cites as proof, and, I must apologize to RT, but you’re wrong.  The transcripts are mostly about finances and when the issue of snipers is raised, it is more of “oh my” statement.  There is clearly no smoking gun.  It’s proof, alright, that RT manages to ignore the truth and is making up the facts.  Convenient truth, perhaps?  Russia needs better proof than the taped conversation between two leaders.

For a Ukrainian perspective, here, from Yahoo News:

Deputy Interior Minister Mykola Velichkovych told AP that commanders of sniper units overseen by the Berkut police force and other Interior Ministry subdivisions have denied to investigators that they had given orders to shoot anyone.

From an external perspective, who stood to benefit from scores of people killed in Maidan?  Russia.  Citing chaos, Russia forces are now positioned to “protect Russian citizens” in Ukraine.  There are now many assertions that Russian snipers shot at both dissidents and Ukrainian authorities to create a more chaotic situation in Kiev.

True?  Just don’t ask RT.

4 thoughts on “Russian Snipers in Maidan?

  1. “There are now many assertions that Russian snipers shot at both dissidents and Ukrainian authorities”??? – Couldn’t you be just a bit more specific, svp?

    1. Sure can. All the reports I’ve read were that the snipers fired indiscriminately, not firing exclusively at any one party – at both dissidents/protestors/revolutionaries and at police and other folks from the Ukrainian government (at the time). Both sides thought they were being targeted, which has led to incredible accusations.

      The dissidents may have had a few snipers, as perhaps the police might well have also. But there were too many reports of possible Russian snipers to disregard that possibility as well.
      Below are radio intercepts, Russian speakers without a Ukrainian accent.

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