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Russia – Ukraine – China: Russia’s Stance Makes China Uneasy

The Christian Science Monitor just published an article: “China to Russia: You’re putting us in a tight spot”, here.  

The sub-title, however, is more poignant: “China’s instinct is to stand by its strategic partner, but Russia’s intervention in Ukraine’s Crimea appears to violate China’s principle of strict state sovereignty.”

China has not publicly sided with Russia, Ukraine or the West, but has reiterated that the situation should be resolved according to Ukrainian law.

The situation gets complicated, just a little bit, at precisely that point.  Russia says they do not recognize the current government of Ukraine because it was not legitimately elected.  Well, duh.  There have already been calls for a valid election in Ukraine, as a matter of fact, observers are already present for precisely that purpose.

The case in support of Russia is not getting stronger, it weakens daily.  Putin had the advantage, Putin had momentum, Putin had much of the world eating the propaganda right out of his hand.  That time is now gone.  Advantage:  Ukraine and the West.

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