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Russian Disinformation: Blackwater

Two days ago I posted, then updated as disinformation, a report of  300 “Blackwater” operatives.  I apologize if that caused any confusion.

Supposed “Blackwater” Operatives in Crimea – Absolute and total Horse Ca-Ca AKA Russian disinformation.

Today someone posted, as a comment, another link to a page reporting ‘Blackwater’ presence in Crimea, this time accompanied with pictures.   The link to the page is here.  It’s written in Italian, which is somewhat different.  Ciao. Unfortunately the comment was formatted in such a way as to be unviewable (at least to me using multiple browsers), so I’m going to delete it.  Please, feel free to post that comment again.

Oh my. Please remember, gentle reader, when viewing this page, that not everything one sees on the Internet is true. Especially this page.

Apologies, these guys are just all wrong.  As a former Special Forces guy, I have a unique perspective.  As a retired military intelligence officer with 26 total years in uniform, my eyes are especially calibrated bullshit detectors.

1 – Too beefy.  These corn fed heroes are too big to fire and maneuver, their hairstyles are not right.

2 – BAD weapons discipline.  They may look cool to some War of Warfare kiddies but nobody in his right mind carries a weapon pointed up in the air. Yep, they are M-4 Carbines, it looks like, but that’s where it ends.  Only one guy has two hands on his weapon.

3 – Colorful logo on the t-shirt.  C’mon guy, who wears a “shoot me here” logo on their shirt?  Besides, it looks like a Russian logo, reminiscent of the old KGB symbol.

4 – Black shiny boots?  Sorry, that faded away nearly ten years ago. The US has gone brown.

All this and it still looks fake.  If these guys were to come under fire, I don’t think they’re in good enough shape to sprint to the nearest alleyway.  I think the guy on the right is wearing suspenders.  Really?

Bottom line, sorry for any confusion, but Russian attempts at disinformation, obsfucation and outright BS continue.  If any of you have ever served in the military, you’d be screaming BS even before reading this article.

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