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Words from Ukraine – Russians not Influencing Non-Russians

This from someone inside Ukraine. For their security I must say that I don’t know where in Ukraine they live.   

Sorry I haven’t had time to respond properly. I think the disparity in press releases after Obama’s phone call to Putin about summarizes things in my mind. Russian propaganda continues to abound and is manipulating events to portray Russians in Ukraine as being in imminent danger, begging for Russian assistance. This is a fabricated pretext for invasion and violates several international agreements. Inserting troops without uniforms or insignia is particularly insidious and deceptive, as it serves to sow fear among the populace. Yanukovych’s slip during his press conference in which he referred to his Russian patrons and himself as “we” was telling in many ways, although I had the feeling that Putin may have abandoned him when he saw the writing on the wall.

Sorry for the rambling response, but I guess the key point to make is that Russian actions are not only illegitimate, but illegal under several standards of international law, including the very specific Budapest Accord from 1994.

Obviously this person has not been swayed by the Russian propaganda.