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Joel Harding is announced as Director of the NSE Information Strategy Center

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Joel Harding, the well-known information and influence operations authority in Washington DC, is joining us as Director of the NSE Information Strategy Center. The Center will develop training programs in the areas of information operations, psychological operations, public diplomacy, and strategic influence.

From the National Security Enterprise:

We are excited to announce Joel Harding as the Director of the Information Strategy Center for the National Security Enterprise.  Joel worked in military Information Operations for close to 20 years.  He is also a retired military intelligence officer and former enlisted Special Forces.  Joel is the past director of the former IO Institute with the Association of Old Crows, the Electronic Warfare and Information Operations Association. He currently also serves on the Board of Directors for the local AOC Chapter.  Joel has spoken around the world about Information Warfare, Information Operations and Cyberwar, most notably in Russia and China.  Mr. Harding was also the editor in chief of the IO Journal and hosted InfowarCon 2009 and 2010.  Joel has also researched and written extensively about IO, Public Diplomacy and Strategic Communication, most notably on his blog: To Inform Is To Influence.  

Joel issued a statement:

 I look forward to establishing the Information Strategy Center as part of a larger, comprehensive effort by the National Security Enterprise.  I’m really excited at how the National Security Enterprise is creating a world-class educational program concentrating on strategy, which is being offered to defense, diplomacy, intelligence, law enforcement, security and related fields.  How information activities are integrated as a strategy, at all levels, is of deep interest to current and future leaders and I fully intend to address their concerns.  I am seeking to bring together students with experienced, senior professionals for frank and open discussions for education, to establish innovative publications, and to host and partner for networking and community gatherings.  We have a marked advantage of being located in Washington DC, where many of the best and the brightest are based, in these fields.

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