“Real Taylor Swift Quotes”

“Emily Pattinson”, a Pinterest user, has a board entitled “Real Taylor Swift Quotes”.   Here is the real no-crap URL to the board: http://pinterest.com/piratemily/real-taylor-swift-quotes/.  I cannot verify and I refuse to do the research to verify that Emily Pattinson is the real name of the user.

I’m not sure if I’m more disgusted with Pinterest for not slamming this board down, by the people on the internet who don’t delete these pins now that proper attribution has been made or by the media, for shunning a truly disgusting story about a very sick person improperly and hatefully attributing these quotes to Taylor Swift.

I believe Ms. Swift is about as good and pure a person, as a celebrity, as can be found in this day and age. This is truly a disgusting smear against her.

I already reported this user to Pinterest. Odd thing, these quotes are not “hateful and disgusting”, one of the Pinterest reporting criteria, at least not by themselves.  I’m sure Pinterest has already read some of the news reports about their website, here’s one, which shows others.  Apparently “Ben” of Pinterest is in somewhat of a conundrum on how to deal with the issue.

Okay, full disclosure.  I am also a Pinterest user but you’re not going to find me by using my name, as Pinterest recently “suspended my account”. Apparently there are some users who are disgusted by a swimsuit which reveals more of a female’s buttocks than it covers.   To the person that turned me in and to the Pinterest editor who agreed: please join us in the 21st century. There’s a special place in hell just waiting for you…

According to the preceding paragraph I have a personal grudge with Pinterest.  This is true.  I imagine the editors at Pinterest are suffering from estrogen and progesteron withdrawal symptoms. In other words, they are about as prudish as my dear mother (who is 86 years old, mind you).

But my issue is with Pinterest’ lack of policymaking when dealing with perception management.  The issue is with Hitler quotes being attributed to someone other than Hitler. In this case anything to do with Hitler is a negative, and to the extreme.  So…  any quote by Hitler, untruthful attributed to anyone, should be cause for a lifetime banishment, in my opinion.

If Pinterest cannot make a policy dealing with this situation in less than 48 hours and implement it and promulgate this policy to their editors…  shame.  Shame on you for not being an active 21st century website.  Now make a decision, grow a pair.  Oops, that might entail putting down your knitting needles.