A Quick Motorcycle Update

I’ve received a few telephone calls of concern, so I thought I would give a quick update.

I pushed myself a little bit too hard in the past few days and I’m paying the price. By the time my wife and I finished a little grocery shopping using the jeep today, my knees were screaming in pain and I was exhausted. The inside of my left knee feels like I’ve just been hit with an iron rod and it really is unstable at the most inconvenient times. My right hip only looks horrible, but it’s absolutely pain free. My right shin, the one with the scab from the really tiny scrape, looks like heck but has stopped spontaneously soaking my socks with blood from the occasional leak, but it does hurt a lot. It’s healing and Denise seems to be amused when I suddenly flinch from the healing process which takes me by complete surprise. My head is totally clear, now, the tinnitus has resumed its constantly annoying whine at almost ignorable levels. My fingertips are losing the blood blisters a little at a time, now it just looks like I haven’t washed my hands in ages. My fingernails are beginning to turn a lovely shade of purple.

I am also mentally affected. I’m driving what I consider at paranoid levels now. Anytime a car or truck approaches from a side street, I’m laying on the horn to let them know I’m there. As American drivers are prone to do, they’ll roll past the stop line and practically enter the intersection, that’s normal. Actually, that’s a good thing. If I had ridden the bike that way I would have definitely held the truck driver’s attention and he might have stopped. A few years ago, another car ran a stop sign only one block away from that location, with Denise on the back of the bike – they only stopped at the last second and actually attempted to push their car in front of us as we were stuck in a traffic jam. We exchanged pleasantries with the driver with the sincerest of a courteous exchange… okay, the truth is we were not too nice at telling them how close they came to killing us. Somehow riding the motorcycle seems to attract the crazies in the Washington DC area. Now I understand why some motorcycle riders, especially in the Washington DC areas, carry a ball peen hammer at the ready. A little swat with that and a car suffers an unrepairable dent…

Well, the bike is totaled, we received the check and deposited it yesterday. As soon as we’re, meaning mostly me, are ready, we’re going to head down to Woodbridge, VA, to our motorcycle dealer, Motorcycle Factory Incorporated (good people, shameless plug). I called yesterday and they have a bike exactly like the one we just lost, only a few years older. Same color – silver.