Slight Delay in Posting, I had a Motorcycle Accident

Yesterday I totaled my motorcycle, a truck pulled out in front of me. i had no time to react. I hit the truck at about 40 mph and did the classic somersault over the hood. I landed on the bike, more concerned about not ripping my pants for my expensive suit. They are ruined, however… My cherished Goldwing is even more ruined.

That annoying pain in my left knee has turned into a full blown sprain. The EMTs were nice enough to offer me a trip to the hospital (they have to, I know), but amazingly I have no broken bones and no cuts and the emergency room should not be used for common triage, I feel, so I declined. Talk about a run on sentence..

I did rattle my brain, however. I checked my helmet and there are no obvious impact marks. I recall, as I was descending through the air, not wanting to scratch or mark up the bike… Yes, odd. Then I just stood there, completely absorbed with locating any injuries. At first I thought I had amputated all the fingers on my right hand, I just saw a lot of blood. Then I slowly focused and saw strange blood blisters on my fingertips on all four fingers. Odd. People walked up and the driver walked up to me, checking to see if I was alright. I lied and said I was okay. I was swimming in a foggy mind, thick pea soup. Firemen arrived and had me sit, I knew it was the right thing to do, so I complied. Odd that I would question his directions, but only mentally. The police arrived shortly after and cleared away the cars, witnesses (thank you, ma’am), and gawkers. I spoke with the police but found it difficult to concentrate. The EMTs arrived, my BP was 130/80 and my pulse was 86. How come I remember those small details? The one EMT put a bandage on a scrape on my shin that fell off within minutes. Amateur, I recall thinking.

Paperwork done, I got a ride home from a Fairfax County police officer and I learned a valuable lesson. Real police cars aren’t like the ones on television or in the movies. There is no foot room, seriously, my feet barely fit turned sideways. Also, the police officer answered a burning question I’ve had for years. I heard a rumor that Special Forces folks turn up on police records, flagged as dangerous. I asked him to ‘run my name’, he did, he did me that favor and no special code popped up…

Getting out of the car was a nightmare, no foot room, remember? I was carrying a notebook for the meeting i was returning from and the footboard of the Goldwing which had my military stickers. I walked into the arms of my wife at the speed of a 98 year old man. ‘Bed, now’. Yes, ma’am. Life is good.

Now I’m on my back, typing on my iPad in bed. My knee is braced by a pillow. Max, my rotund male cat, is sleeping next to me. Muppet, my female cat, is on the floor on the other side of me. Life is good. My fingers don’t hurt much, I think I hit them on the truck’s hood. My fingernails are all turning black and blue. I feel like a kid again. I always had black and blue marks, cuts, bruises or something else from suicidal-type antics I was always doing. Running in the woods near my home and crashing through the brush, riding my bike 50 miles to Valley Forge and then dumping my bike in the cemetery and embedding gravel in my palms, building a fort in the woods with rocks without gloves, playing army – all day – with my best friend Scott, jumping out of the treehouse from 15 feet up, throwing stones at a neighborhood girl and she nailed me on the bridge of my nose with return fire. Yeah, I liked that pain as a kid because i had a great time getting there. Children today are wimps. Life is good.


To make this blog piece IO related, I had a great telephonic conference with Winn Schwartau and Betty O’Hearn this morning about InfowarCon. To work with Winn is both a nightmare and an absolute pleasure. Winn is so full of great ideas which are all competing to get out, that he seems to struggle to control them! Winn has a world class support team on this, they humble me with their dedication and hard work.

January 22 – 24, 2014, Nashville, Tennessee. The place is unusual but really convenient to great hotels. We have a great parking lot for outside displays, a 3-dimensional indoor display area, you’ll have to see it to believe it. Seating for 1,200 people… I’m starting to invite speakers. No names, yet, but they’re all pretty cool.

I’m waiting for a phone call from the FBI about their Advanced Persistent Threat workshop. I got a great call from DHS offering to help. You cannot imagine how that call boosted my spirits.

4 thoughts on “Slight Delay in Posting, I had a Motorcycle Accident

  1. Glad you are OK Joel.

    I think you are probably too young for your scooter. I’m waiting a couple of years til Im 70, then I’ll get an easy rider or some sort of cruiser yet to be determined and travel the wilds of OZ.

    I don’t think the planners ever even considered comfort for passengers in police cars.

    Stay well and listen to your wife (sometimes). She probably knows you pretty well by now.

    Best Regards, Ron

    1. Thanks Ron. My wife’s a saint and a goddess and she won’t let me forget that. But seriously, she is beyond wonderful.

      Okay, quick update. My fingers stopped hurting. Last night my knee displayed symptoms of a sprain but strangely, no swelling. Today my left hip displayed symptoms of deep bruising and lots of pain, now stiffness. Tonight I actually walked without needing crutches but the scrape on my right shin began spontaneously bleeding. I only found out when I felt my right sock getting wet. Strange how the body works.

      Insurance claim adjuster will probably get the bike to the dealer tomorrow. To put it in perspective, it’s the size of a small car. It’s 900 pounds of pure muscle and love…

  2. Joel….hope you heal up and get better quick! You’re one lucky man! The angels were lookin out for you….thank God you have your life….brain too ha ha…what would we do without your blog! Get well!!!!

    1. Thanks, Therese!
      Quick update. The blood blisters in my fingertips are working themselves out. The scrape on my right shin is spontaneously bleeding whenever I walk more than 50 feet. My left knee is definitely sprained but also torn, any lateral movement is rewarded with a real good shot of sharp pain. My right hip is fine.
      The women in my life, my wife, my mother and a female doctor, all ganged up and convinced me to go to the ER on Friday. What a waste of three hours. I walked out knowing what I knew going in, even after a CT scan. The things I do in my life to keep my ladies happy.
      To keep this, again, somewhat IO related, I was at DOE on Monday (before the accident). They have a lot of IT work that needs to be done….

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