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SMS (short message service) or text message spamming is a growing problem. Reports show that people open SMS messages at rates exceedingly higher than junk mail campaigns.

Still, many recipients understand spam when they see it, even via a text message. A recent report by Cloudmark notes that more than a third of recipients respond to the messages with the word “stop.” Unfortunately, while writing “stop” will work in cases where the marketing message is from a legitimate company, “if it’s a phishing attack or a scam, ‘stop’ will just alert them that this is a real phone number,” says Cloudmark threat researcher Andrew Conway. The spammers will know “they’ve got a live one here.”

Conway says spam messages should be forwarded to 7726. That number sends them to a spam clearinghouse maintained by all the major phone carriers so they can collectively fight the spam campaign at the same time.

Help fight SMS spamming and forward unwanted SMS messages to 7726!

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